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EveLovelle had the courtesy to review products delivered by Tea With Alice

Fancy yourself a cup of tea? You all know my love for tea and I drink it everyday if I can. I was extremely delighted to be able to sample a media box from Tea With Alice. I love its name as it reminds me of Mad Hatter’s tea party in Alice in Wonderland. For this month’s box, I received four different herbs for me to sip and savour.

Verdict of the four:

1. I’ll Have What She’s Having
I was most excited to try this black tea as it has crushed cacao nibs and natural chocolate which brings about a chocolaty blend to the final product. You can even smell the chocolate as you sip your tea. Do not repel from its weirdness, its surprisingly aromatic and very refreshing.

2. Purely Peppermint
The peppermint herbs are purely organic. This cleansing herb is great for reducing bloating and gas, solving women’s problem areas by cleansing the guts. The smell is also calming and I love having this cup after a heavy meal.

3. Cup Of Compassion
The Cup of Compassion is liquorice flavoured, and as written in the pack, it has hints of lemongrass, lemon, myrtle, lemon peel, hibiscus, and spearmint. The drink is incredibly soothing to the throat, the body and the mind.

4. Top Of The Town
This one is an Assam herb extracted from an estate called Deejoo, which apparently is one of the top 10 states that grows Assam. The taste was supposedly sweet and fruity, and the fragrance of stewed apples should be sensed. For this particular tea, I like it with a little bit of milk and biscuits on the side.

The rules are simple. You pick the types of tea you like, and Tea With Alice would pick a selection for you. You can customise your subscription from monthly, quarterly or even annually. The best part? delivery around Australia is free! Per packet it serves eight to ten cups, so four packs give me 40 cups of happiness! For more information click here.

Tea With Alice also sent me the cutest tea strainer in shape of a strawberry. I mean, look at that cutie!

For the sake of photos, this is a cup of the peppermint tea that I snapped before drinking. Different types of teas require different temperatures to bring out the best of its flavours. Instructions are all written in the back of the pack. I plead guilty for just using boiled water most of the time but to me that is good enough. I like my tea sugarless, so I could taste the full flavour from the herbs. What about you?
Most teas contain antioxidant properties which is good for the skin. As a food blogger, or should I say.. an intensive eater, I need to cleanse my body whenever I can. I don’t drink teas because I am forced to cleanse, but I actually really do love the taste of it, so much so that I drink it almost excessively! Well guys, here’s the good news, there is no harsh side effects to sugarless tea if you drink too much of it. The only two that I could think of are chances of insomnia is you drink before bed, and needing to go to the bathroom frequently. Umm, but seriously, drinking tea is good for you, just not before bedtime! Nonetheless, give Tea With Alice a try and let me know if you like it!

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