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Shortstop Coffee & Donuts can still be considered as the new kid on the block as they opened just last year in 2014. Shortstop garnered 16,000 followers on Instagram
even before its doors open to the public for business operations. Holy mother on earth that’s how you do it. Shortstop’s positioning is simple, for customers to enjoy a quick cup of coffee with a doughnut in hand (maybe more than one). The capital S and a full-stop on its bottom explains Shortstop as in a ‘Short’, ‘Stop’, in one logo, get it?

I have been here a few times but I figured I should finally do a blogpost and share my views on it. My friends and I were here for a group assignment meeting as we are reviewing this cafe. I might just be plagiarised by my own work if I copy pasted an entire chunk of my report here. So, me doing a post on Shortstop is like doing double essay, but I like you enough to write a completely new post at this space. Shortstop Coffee & Doughnuts does four types of doughnuts they call the ‘cruller’, ‘raised’, ‘cake’, and ‘filled’. The cruller are those famous churro doughnut shaped that you see; raised are more light and fluffy; cake is more dense and cakey (duh); while the filled has all sorts of funky cream infused to them. For that you have to pick your doughnut carefully and which texture you would like best. Some people prefer the fluffy ones and some people rather the dense. A tip is to know their different textures and not simply pick the doughnut with your most loved flavour.

These doughnuts are baked fresh daily. The kitchen is visible from the storefront and it gives customers a good view on how these doughnuts are made.
You can also find these doughnuts at various cafes throughout the city. I am particularly excited about their new collaboration with Melbourne University and they are now supplying doughnuts at The Standing Room in the school’s Union House.


Something different about the coffees they offer is the option of only serving black and flat whites, no cappuccino, no macchiato, no lattes. Shortstop provides you with sparkling water instead of tap, quite fancy yeah?

Coffee (White), 4AUD
The coffee served was robust, smooth and perfectly warm. Seriously guys, nothing gets better than drinking coffee with something sweet on the side. C’est La Vie moment right here.


Australian Honey & Sea Salt, 4AUD
The churro cruller taste nothing like churros. Its more fluffy than a regular churro, and it taste sweet and salty, which is a little unusual for a doughnut. This cruller is by far my favourite doughnut out of the bunch. My friend disliked it salty, no salts on sweets please was what she demanded! The cruller is something either you will like or not at all. The taste is unexpected and I did not know whether to like it or not from the very first time I tried, but it progressively grew on me with every bite, and now I even crave for it from time to time.


Earl Grey & Rose, 4.50AUD
The Earl Grey & Rose doughnut has a heavier texture. The earl grey scent kicks in when you take a bite of it. The icing was smooth and subtle. If I were to taste a flower cake, this would be it.


Apple Pie, 5AUD
This doughnut is infused with apple cream cheese filling. A tad bit sourish but it still fill its deed.

Macadamia & Orange Blossom, 5AUD
The Macadamia & Orange Blossom was a hearty and more unusual option. It combines both sugary and citrusy that leaves you satisfied, but still without being cloaked up in too much sweetness. In fact, all of the doughnuts do not cloy up our systems which was fantastic.

We love Shortstop Coffee & Donuts selection of doughnuts and felt that they offer a unique array of gourmet doughnuts that are not offered elsewhere in the country. For that we give these bunch many thumbs up. Thanks Shortstop Coffee & Donuts for playing such great hosts and we loved your service entirely.
Shortstop Coffee & Donuts
12 Sutherland Street, CBD
Melbourne, Victoria 3000

Mon to Fri: 7.30am-4.30pm
Sat to Sun: 9.30am-3.30pm
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  1. That churros doughnut looks yummy! I love sweet and salty, things like salted caramel 😛

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