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Serotonin Eatery has got Instagramers going crazy when it first opened. Serotonin can be referred to as a neurotransmitter in our bodies that plays a part in balancing your mood. The more serotonin your body produces, the happier you are. Likewise, a deficit of serotonin leads to a state of crestfallen. This cafe is a plant based eatery and everything on the menu is vegan. Wait, whoa, what, no meat?! Protein can be sourced with various nutritious packed ingredients offered on the menu. Beside the cafe is a training facility where you can sign up with a personal trainer to get the best tailored program for your fitness journey. Such unique concept of combining an exercise centre and healthy food place is not ubiquitous in the market, and therefore this market leader is definitely getting people through the doors, always with a queue in line. Well anyway, I was here for the food, not to exercise.

The table setting on one side of the wall is a comfortable cushioned area

A communal area is also present, and you get to sit on swings if you want to face the window.
Flat White, 4AUD
The coffee was roasted by 5 Senses Coffee.
Chai Latte, 6AUD
There is a range of caffeine free organic lattes, like the Chai, as well as others including Cacao Coconut Latte, Matcha Latte, Plant Protein Latte, and Golden Latte. We loved how these lattes are served with a smiley face. That got our serotonins increased even before drinking it.
Burnley Big Brekky, 23AUD
The Big Brekky has to be vegan of course. One and a half wholegrain Danish rye was given, and a saucer of beet relish to jam it with. There were also two pieces of rosti, poached eggs, rockets, mushrooms, and roasted roma tomatoes. The mushrooms were especially tasty as it was cooked with thyme and the flavour was strong and robust.

Happy Zucchini Linguine, 18AUD
If you want to fool yourself with that idea of linguine, shredding zucchini is an option. The ‘pasta’ was cooked in red pesto and cherry tomatoes, added some fresh basil and parsley over it. Of course it would not taste like the real thing, but I think of it more as the healthy dirty salad.

Say hello to my brunch partners for the day, meet Evelyn and Melvin.

Organic Acai Bowl, 19AUD
This cafe’s Organic Acai Bowl turned out to be one of the best we ever had. The fluid blend consists of organic acai berries, mangoes, bananas and apples. On top it was dressed with more bananas, mint bee pollen, goji berries, passionfruit, strawberries and Granny Smith apples. The consistency of the Acai Bowl was smooth and fluid unlike many other cafes who serve acai in an almost solid form, I assure you this particular one is not. The bowl looked pretty small but really, there was a good amount of acai mix inside.
There is even an outdoor area, and with more swings!
A picture with the swings, we just had to!

Serotonin Eatery is an institution which would teach you the basis of healthy eating, fitness and the proper way of taking care of your body. Treat your body the right way and happiness comes a long way. I guess to me that means more eating! But seriously guys, try to have a limit in the unhealthy foods you consume. That’s a lesson I am still coping and handling with.

By the way, the cafe is just a three minute walk from Burnley station, totally accessible.

Serotonin Dealer
52 Madden Grove, Richmond
Melbourne, Victoria 3121

Tel: +(61) 03 8658 3124

Mon to Tue: Closed
Wed to Fri: 7am-3pm
Sat to Sun: 8am-3pm

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  1. Swings are awesome! If only they did crepes cakes we'd be there right away!

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