Intimate Lunch With Celebrity Contestant from Masterchef Australia, Poh Ling Yeow

EveLovelle was invited to dine as guest at PappaRich Courtesy of Wasamedia


This past weekend I had the privilege to have an intimate lunch with season one of Australia’s Masterchef runner up, Poh Ling Yeow. Thank you PappaRich for hosting this up close and personal meetup. Poh is the ambassador for PappaRich and she has been helping out in the launch of PappaRich’s new outlets in various parts of Australia. At present, PappaRich has 16 outlets throughout Australia, and 70 in Malaysia, which counts as an impressive achievement considering that they have only been around since 2005.


Teh Tarik is mandatory for me at any Malaysian or Singaporean food places. Given the choice, I love to start my morning with it in replacement of my usual cappuccino from time to time.


Roti Planta

I ate this one without the curry because I like mine with sugar. Usually, I would dab it with sugar, but this one was already cooked in margarine and dashes of sugar throughout the roti so its sweet in its nature, genius! And precisely because it already has sugar in it I found it weird dipping it with curry.


Roti Kaya

We also shared Roti Kaya and we were happy with it. Just by looking at the colour in itself, you can tell that the kaya flavour would be distinct.



Pappa Wat Tan Hor Combination Noodles

My first instinct when eating this bowl, “That’s definitely hor fun!”, aka kway tiao drenched in gravy. It had a nice punch of flavour and its not too salty, good enough that we cleaned up the plate.


Curry Laksa

This promising bowl of Curry Laksa was cooked in spicy coconut soup with curry. I always loved taking a good bite of the beancurd skin drenched in laksa gravy, and was so jealous of my dining partner who had this!


We were seated on this side of the restaurant with Poh and other fellow bloggers.


There was seriously too much food on the table. What we ordered came and what we all did not order also came. We probably sampled almost everything on the menu, and thank you so much PappaRich for spoiling us.


Pappa Char Koay Teow

This Koay Teow is the seafood version of a classic Koay Teow, fried in sweet sauce and served with shrimps and fish cakes.


Fish Fillet Noodle Soup

The fish soup uses vermicelli noodles and had a creamy finish. The main meat was fried fish fillet and silken tofu.


Prawn Dumplings + Vegetarian Fu Chook Rolls

The Har Gao (Prawn Dumplings), were juicy and meaty. The other vegetarian dim sum was similar to a Mandarin sausage with soybean, water chestnuts and carrots compressed together. Both were tasty but I reckon it would be better served on a bamboo basket as it would keep it warm much longer.


So much food I decided to pick another drink and ordered this Coconut ice blended beverage. It has nice shavings of coconut flesh on top which I thought was fresh and lovely.

You know that feeling when your eyes widen because there is so much food on the table, at the same time your waist cringes by expanding? All these food pictures taken today weren’t even all of what was served. There was Nasi Lemak on the other side of the table, Assam Laksa, Chicken Rice and all other sorts. We were definitely in for a treat having such great food in company of great people.



Got my PappaRich Apron signed by Poh!


Here’s a mandatory photo with Poh. I remembered watching her two weeks ago on TV, on Masterchef Season 7’s favourites week, and she made this incredible Malaysian inspired dish called the Shredded Duck Rendang With Pandan Coconut Lace. It looked absolutely phenomenal and extremely creative, Google it up guys! Like she is on TV, Poh is cheerful and bubbly in person, just a positive individual with great personality. We are definitely fans!

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Melbourne, Victoria 3131

Tel: +(61) 03 9878 8860

Mon to Sun: 10.30am-10pm
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