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Known to serve Japanese food in style of tapas, Gyoza Gyoza offers an extensive scale of varieties. My girls and I spent quite a bit of time deciding on what to order because we were simply spoilt for choice. Every tapas on the menu is priced at 6.50AUD, while the gyoza glorious to its name, is only 3.50AUD. The store looks cosy and homey especially when decorated with home cushions casually placed on the chairs and stools. I mean, this is how it would look like if you have a sake bar at a traditional Japanese house.


Tori No Karage With Mustard Miso

What we found appealing on a basic Karage was the addition of mustard miso sauce. Mustard and miso combined almost tasted like honey mustard sauce, sweet, salty and nutty.


Chicken & Noodle Salad

The Chicken & Noodle Salad is a cold starter bowl. It jumbles up poached chicken, cucumber, flat vermicelli, with sesame and chilli sauce. The chicken was shredded so it glides with the noodles when you scoop it up. Also because of that, there was greater surface area for the chicken to end up being all coated with the sauce. Seriously smart choice to shred.


Lobster Salad Burger (2 Pieces)

These sliders were really satisfying. The already coated with sauce lobster meats were slathered with more mayonnaise, which made it totally sinful but it really was worth every calorie.


Pan Fried Gyoza (Wagyu Beef & Red Onion)

There were 10 gyoza choices to choose from. I am almost sure that most taste almost identical, just with an additional tweak of fillings. Here’s the list of 10:

1. Wagyu Beef & Red Onion
2. Chicken & Lemongrass
3. Miso Eggplant & Duck
4. Minced Garlic & Pork
5. Pork & Cabbage
6. Spicy Kimchi Pork
7. Prawn
8. Mixed Vegetables With Chives
9. Mixed Vegetables With Potato
10. Chef’s Special (Prawn, Pork & Vegetables)

At Gyoza Gyoza, you would have the entertainment, and perhaps contentment of making your own sauce. There is a guide where you can follow, but what makes it interesting is how you can customise your own whether you want more or less acidity from the vinegar; saltiness from the soy; strong aroma of the minced garlic and sesame; spice from the chili oil, the choice is yours.


Horenso No Gomaae

This bowl of lightly cooked spinach with sesame sauce was a little small and pathetic, but it was packed with delicious flavourings and nutty taste. We could only wish there was a little more of it.



The Okonomiyaki was tasty and grilled to excellence. The cabbage inside was moist and flimsy. I always get chills when I see bonito flakes in flaming hot or excessively warm food, because it.. moves! I like to eat them when its cooled and when it stays, still.


Wafu Steak

The Wafu Steak was cooked in medium rare and it was a tad bit chewy. The flavour was great and the outside was grilled with high enough heat that its crispy and caramelised.


Gyoza Gyoza is a great Japanese tapas sake bar that is great if you want to eat little and control your portions, or eat a lot and having a variety without spending too much. Whatever we had here were all delicious, and my dining partners and I had a pleasant time.

Gyoza Gyoza
115-117 Little bourke Street, CBD
Melbourne, Victoria 3000

Tel: +(61) 03 9663 0801

Mon to Thu: 12pm-11pm
Fri to Sat: 5pm-12.30am
Sun: 12pm-12.30am

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