Flavour Exchange 2015 – Winter Edition

EveLovelle was invited to attend 2015’s Flavour Exchange Courtesy of Dig + Fish
Flavour Exchange is held four times a year, once per every season. Victorian wine producers would come to this event to give the public a taste of the finest flavours be it wine, beer or even ciders. The event took place at Federation Square. I was fortunate enough to be listed as one of the guest-list with a plus one, and given some tokens to spend with. Here’s a quick review of my night at the event and what we spent on.
The people from Sally’s Hill Winery and the Hanging Rock Winery were the first ones that we tried.
Mantra Lounge which is located at Melbourne University was also here to showcase their foods. We had the lasagne, mango mousse and chocolate mousse. We were impressed with how these vegan desserts turn out to be really yummy!
We also sampled Soleil, a unique light craft beer slash cider, that had a hint of citrus, honey and brandy notes. The Soleil beer was infused with lychee and this is a definite winner for the ladies.
The salesperson from Soleil also showed us that we can drink beer in several ways, putting fruits in your glass is one way of doing it. The drink would taste sweeter and more acidic depending on what fruits you put. The customization is totally up to you.
These sweet drinks would be an incredible companion with heavy savoury meats. My friend Abraham likes this one very much, the boys approve!
I got myself a slice of the vegan from Otway Artisan. Yum!
We got some caramelized macadamias and sampled some sweet and spicy almonds by this French man from Chooh La La!!!
The producers of Andrew Peace, including this lovely sales lady came all the way from Murray Valley, 4 hours plus away from Melbourne city just to showcase wine lovers their amazing collection of wines. My friend Abraham purchased a bottle red wine from Andrew Peace.
Having a few tokens left, I haggled my way to sample a small bucket of chilli cheese fries, don’t tell anyone.
Performer for the event
Me and my vegan pizza enjoying the night away. There were many more wine sellers that we didn’t get to try out because we wouldn’t want to not remember the night. Cheers to Dig + Fish for the invite, we sure had tons of fun!
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  1. Have you tried the mango lassi at Mantra? It's delicious!

    That nut stand has been at every event lately 😛 Always found at the Sunday Arts Center Market.

    Sounds like a fun event, though I think the Autumn/Fall one was better. 😛

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