Crisp White Slouch


Good morning folks! Today was a beautiful sunny winter day and I was out to play. I am wearing a full on classic black and white combo from heel to toe. I am still in that menswear phase because its always comfortable and very put together if you wear it correctly.


I have not done a lot of shopping this year, believe me, because I would have troubles moving out (soon). In the event where I shop, I tend to magnet towards staple pieces these days, ones where I know I could be wearing for a long time. At the same time, I have been on the market for the perfect white tee in many variations, the fitted, the slouchy, the crisp, the men’s, and the completely casual. Do you really want to understand a girl’s fashion predicament?


This one I did not stole from my boyfriend, but I am wearing a man’s shirt from T.M Lewin, in almost my size. Its comfortable, quite crisp, a little oversized, which basically ticked all the boxes for me.

It is essentially a cardinal sin not to have proper staples in your wardrobe, one which I have committed in a few different elements, for instance, the perfect heels. But what can I say, I like to walk on flat grounds and I like walking many miles. Anyhoo, here’s just a view of what I like to wear comfortably on any given day. I hope black and white does not bore you. Yeah, no? You won’t, why…? Its just the statute of the cosmos!

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