“All In” Poker Charity Event

EveLovelle was invited to attend the “All In” Poker Charity Event For Beyond Blue


On behalf of the Hachem Management Group, Jan and I attended the ‘All In’ for Charity Poker tournament and cocktail soirée in aid of Beyond Blue. We were welcomed on a red carpet and the whole area was beautifully decorated with chandeliers, disco balls, and blue balloons to represent Beyond Blue. Guests were invited to play poker and money collected would proceed to the fundings of this organization. The grand prize winner would win a trip to Las Vegas or Europe flying in Business class and a take home package, both valued up to 20,000AUD.

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A picture before starting the cocktail and main event.


Beyond Blue is a non-profit organization that empowers Australians to become better versions of themselves by helping out in reducing impact of anxiety, depression and suicide. The management team aids patients and also prevents people from becoming of that state.


In addition to the aforementioned prizes, the last of the very last standing men and women would win Joseph Hachem’s poker book and a trophy with the The Hachem Group logo.


Poker dealer and waiter of the day posing for the camera.


Secretly taking a photo of Joseph Hachem…


We were very pleased to meet Joseph Hachem, the first Aussie who won 2005’s World Series of Poker (WSOP) tournament. We met him at our church once and sat right behind him at mass. At the time, Jan was a little shy for a photo, not this time! Pleasure to be able to see you again Joe!


Great performances on stage throughout the night singing old school music, and contemporary ones.

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Here’s a picture with the team on our table. Thanks Helen for inviting us here, and Candy for offering to play with you on the table. There were approximately 20 tables, but only the top two from every table goes through the next round, which we did! Wowza!


Sadly we did not make it to the final table but we had a ball and enjoyed ourselves immensely.



Moved on to our next table and got bullied by several pros. Apparently this guy had 20 years of experience in Vegas, and his chips don’t lie! The best part about the night was that everyone got to enjoy themselves tremendously even though only a few would win. Its also a much better feeling knowing that we are all playing and having fun for a good cause.


Here’s a photo when the place was filled up with guests and when the event was about to start. We have to applaud SGI Building services for providing an exquisite venue so that this event can even happen in the first place.


Another photo before we left. A big thank you for all the sponsors at my back. As the saying goes, “No one has ever become poor by giving”. I am always in support for companies taking an extra mile for good causes, from charity, to improving the state of our external environments. If you would like to know more information about Beyond Blue, click here.

Until then, cheers everyone!

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