The Royale Brothers


Chips, 3.50AUD + Famous Royale Spicy Tomato Sauce, 1AUD + Bacon Royale, 14AUD

The Royale Brothers was in my opinion the next best Melbourne burger joint after Andrew’s Hamburgers and JD’s Burgers. We came over here after a day out at Brighton beach and we could not get any hungrier. Jan and I got the same Bacon Royale Burger and shared a side of chips. They said the tomato sauce was an iconic staple to eat it with your fries. My best explanation of it would be mixing tomato sauce with salsa together, tasted like tomato sauce, but fresher and the consistency was not as thick as a normal tomato sauce.


I fell in love with the milk bun burger the minute my burger was unwrapped. The bread was sweet and soft, and the beef did melt in my mouth. On the menu it mentioned that the burger patties were hand pressed on a daily basis. It is a 100% wagyu grass fed and were imported all the way from Robbins Island in Tasmania. The Bacon Royale had double cheese and a special royale sauce, which kept the burger moist and ultra delicious.


It just won’t get any better than this. So guys, excuse me while I finish this.


The Royale Brothers
Rear 1 Church Street, Brighton
Melbourne, Victoria 3186

Tel: +(61) 03 9005 4242

Mon to Sun: 11am-9pm

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