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Indian food tonight with a couple of friends at Red Pepper restaurant. Red Pepper restaurant is located just beside Green Pepper restaurant. They are owned by the same head, but the two serve different foods. Think Green Pepper as a more upscale Indian Restaurant with white tablecloths and wine glasses on the table, and Red Pepper as a casual restaurant but not at all run down, which is perfect for us uni students. Anyway, the idea today is to order several main curry dishes and have naans on the side for everyone to share. Red Pepper pretty much ticked all of our boxes as the place is cozy, spacious, inexpensive and heartwarming.


Cheese Naan, 4.50AUD

My favourite naans are Cheese and Garlic, so we had to order both. The cheese was sort of still melting and warm when served. I could even eat it on its own without the curry, this type of carb to me is the addictive kind.


Lamb Roganjosh, S:8.50AUD/L:12.90AUD

The lamb curry was great. The lamb cubes were a little chewy while the curry was bursting out with flavour. We could all taste the many spices, especially grounded masala that brings the broth it’s grainy texture. It had all the right balance and it was perfect with the naan.


Garlic Naan, 3.50AUD

Garlic naan was equally delicious. We are not going to complain even when the sides were a little bit burnt, its all forgiven.


Murgh Makhan Wala (Butter Chicken), S:7.50AUD/L:10.50AUD

For a sweeter curry, try the Butter Chicken. Unlike the lamb, the chicken in the broth were boneless and the meats were tender. The chicken was in fact marinated in various spices and roasted in tandoor oven before combining them in the curry.


Pumpkin Masala, 7.50AUD

We wanted to get a side of vegetables but well.. pumpkin is still considered as one right? Apparently these almost mashed cubed pumpkins were sauteed in five different aromatic spices. They also made use of the wild mango powder, with Asian and African cane sugar called jaggery that gave the the overall dish tons of flavour mix.


Hyderabadi Dum Chicken Biryani, 13.90AUD

We weren’t impressed with the biryani because it was extremely dry. Thankfully the curries wet it up and made it more edible. There were hidden chicken chunks in it. Sadly, it was a complete waste of saffron that was used in here.


The restaurant has two areas on the first floor, a stair leading to the second floor but I am not sure if there are dining spaces above. Red Pepper definitely got our Indian food craving fixed, and if I ever have that craving again, I am coming back here for sure.

Red Pepper
14 Bourke Street, CBD
Melbourne, Victoria 3000

Tel: +(61) 03 9654 5714

Mon to Thu: 10am-12am
Fri to Sat: 10am-2.30am
Sun: 10am-12am

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