Gukbab Korean Restaurant


A friend of mine and I visited Gukbab Korean Restaurant because we just walked by it, and thought it looked decent. We initially ordered two dishes but it ended up three. You can see that Gukbab is distinctively Korean with just one glance from the streets outside. Thing is, there were hardly any signage, we weren’t even sure what the restaurant name was after we settled inside.


Dae-Ji Guk Bab, 15AUD

We started out with a Korean traditional pork soup which we both did not like. The broth was fantastic and bursting with light flavour. The meats within were all other innards aside from pork meat, and we aren’t the biggest fans of them. We totally didn’t see that coming, thanks but no thanks. We weren’t quite satisfied with what we can’t eat so we decided to add a third dish, the Jab Chae below.


Spicy Chicken, 15AUD + Cheese, 3AUD

The Spicy Chicken is food for the devil. It was one of the spiciest chicken I ever had. My tolerance for spiciness is high, but even my knees were weak against these chicken on sizzler. My partner and I couldn’t stand the spice, but forced ourselves to finish it anyway.The taste was actually great, but the chili spice level I find appalling as it destroys the whole dining experience.


Jab-Chae, 15AUD

The sweet potato noodles with beef and sliced vegetables were lovely. We were surprised when served with hot Jab-Chae as we would usually eat Jab-Chae cold. The one thing I love most about Jab-Chae is how they look carb heavy but really, they are gluten free. I mean, healthy fried noodles hello?

I think Gukbab Korean Restaurant can be delicious if you actually order the right things. It just wasn’t our luck today.

Gukbab Korean Restaurant
535 Little Lonsdale Street, CBD
Melbourne, Victoria 3000
Tel: +(61) 03 9939 0380
Mon to Sun: 10.30am-11pm
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