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EveLovelle had the courtesy to review the smart cup sponsored by Frank Green

Hey loves! I am very excited to share today’s post on Australia’s first smart coffee cup that has got it all covered out. I was thrilled when I received mine because I have been on a search to find the perfect coffee cup.

Frank Green Smart Cup is unique, primarily because there is no need to lift and shift the lid to drink. With a push of a button, the hole unveils and drinking is made even easier. With my previous cups I had problems with the lids and have spilled coffee over my bag and clothes several times. I love how I can go extremely reckless with Frank Green and it is still 100% spill resistant. The outer layer of the cup is made out of thermoplastic to retain the heat of your coffee longer. Trying my coffee cup for the first time was pleasantful as materials used are of high quality, which ensures that the cup is odour resistant. No they do not use those cheaply produced low-density polyethylene, and this is especially imperative for me as I get to taste my full blown aromatic coffee, instead of smelling or tasting plastic. Plus, the bottle is BPA free so you can throw your toxic worries away.

Ever since I moved to Melbourne I have been more environmentally conscious and made more efforts to take part in the 3Rs. Frank Green Smart Cup’s ethical movement to help out with reducing supply of disposable coffee cups hopes to achieve a more sustainable mother earth, one that we all should feel responsible for. And if we all could help with sustainability, lets do it fashionably with Frank Green.


I am not one to carry yellow and the colour was preselected for me, but when the mail came in, I was surprised how much this colour fits my desk, my wardrobe and style. I love how the size is a great size to carry, different from other coffee cups which are usually more roundly shaped. To browse all other colour combinations, click here.


So guys, here’s another perk of having Frank Green Smart Cup, you can go cashless and still buy your coffee! What do I mean? Frank Green Smart Cup is embedded with a microchip which allows you to pay just by simply scanning your coffee lid. The lid sensor would detect and process your payment instantly. Download the CafePay™smartphone app to top up, pre-order coffees or send free coffees to your friends. You can also earn and redeem points for not just coffees but food as well. When I say Smart Cup, I am not kidding.


Frank Green Smart Cup has just recently launched in April 2015. Follow their Instagram account on @frankgreen_official to see which independent retailers are selling them. For every cup that is purchased, 1AUD will be donated to Earthwatch, an international non-profit organization that does fantastic work to conserve wildlife and the environment.

So far I have been bringing my Frank Green to several cafes and also to school (you should have seen a lot of snaps of it on my Snapchat @evelovelle). The cup has had gotten praises quite a few times, even this waitress came up and told me how unique the cup is and she’s considering to get one for herself. Here’s me totally contented with my Frank Green Smart Cup. I say that this cup a good investment for personal use, or if you are scratching your head a lot, Frank Green Smart Cup is a great practical and fashion forward item to give a friend. Oh yes Frank Green you had me at hello!

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