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Sawadika my friends! Here presenting to you my favourite Thai restaurant in the Melbourne CBD. Fomo Thai is often compared to Jinda Thai Restaurant and the real question is, which is better? My answer would be that they are both amazing, and by that I mean they are great in different ways. Fomo Thai has better beef and pork dishes, Jinda Thai Restaurant owns in seafood dishes like fishes and soft shell crabs. Jinda Thai is also exceptional with noodles and rice dishes. Its difficult to pick and point, but I love both and for different reasons.


Thai Iced Milk Tea, 3.50AUD

This milk tea is absolutely sweet. In this case, being overly sweet is somehow its charming and captivating factor, so thumbs up.


Som Tum Tod, 16AUD

This shaved green papaya salad was apparently deep fried. The outcome was still fresh because Thai tangy dressing was added onto it. The overall dish was pretty spicy, crisp and refreshing to the senses. It is also definitely a great starter dish to get your taste buds rolling.


Khao Pad Subparod, (S:12AUD/L:16AUD)

Different meats can be chosen to pair your pineapple fried rice with. We had the chicken instead of pork, beef or a vegan version. We had the small bowl, and regrettably, yes.. it was pretty small.


Crying Tiger, 15AUD

The Crying Tiger was char grilled beef tenderloin cut into pieces. I thought I would be icky about its texture as its done in medium rare, and I would usually order medium. Turns out it tasted perfect especially with the tangy dipping sauce. We could all truly taste the smoked flavour and it was just flipping amazing.


Tom Yum Goong Ma Praw Aon, (S:16AUD/L:25AUD)

The Tom Yum Goong on top is one of the best I ever had. The tom yum broth was extremely rich. It was more on the milky and murkier side similar to the density of a laksa broth. It was sour but balanced with a certain sweetness, and definitely not spicy, just very slightly. There were fish slices, several king prawns, mussels, and a few types of mushrooms in the pot.

Fomo Thai is the perfect go to for authentic Thai comfort food in the city. Really, its pretty hard to beat.

Fomo Thai
171 Bourke Street, CBD
Melbourne, Victoria 3000
Tel: +(61) 03 9650 7987
Mon to Thu: 10.30am-10.30pm
Fri to Sat: 10.30am-1am
Sun: 11am-10pm
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