Collective Espresso


Pumpkin & Quinoa Burger, 16AUD

It was my first time at Camberwell region believe it or not. We chose Collective Espresso to visit as it seemed like a good place to go to and it was close by from where we were. I hate giving bad reviews but we did not enjoy our meals here at all. We got our seats right away on a communal table as it was past lunchtime and the lunch crowd was already gone. There aren’t any washrooms in the cafe, but they would pass you a key and you have to travel out to the neighbouring shop to visit the loo. Okay, a little confusing but we did not mind the hassle. We were excited when our food came because we were all starving. You would think that everything tastes good when you are hungry right? Well you are wrong. I ordered a pumpkin patty sandwiched on two multigrain breads. The pumpkin was mashed and covered with seeds. It was served with tomato chili jam, cheese and balsamic reduction. I thought the pumpkin would be better off served on its own or with other sides. The whole ensemblage was just unsuited as a ‘burger’. The dish was also too drying to the mouth and it was sadly quite disappointing.


Avocado & Feta Mash, 15.90AUD

The mashed avocado had an interesting take from the usual avocado and feta, as fine herbs were included in the mix. It also had a citrusy lemon tang which made it quite refreshing. However, my friends and I thought that a classic smashed avo should stick as a classic smashed avo. Not too bad but not a fan.


Collective ‘Sigh Of Relief’, 22AUD

Collective Espresso calls its big breakfast the Collective ‘Sigh Of Relief’. Umm, I would sigh but won’t feel relieved. The fried rosti, kaiser bacon and mushrooms weren’t too bad, but the overall dish was too dry. I mean, some type of sauce would help right?! We formally requested (twice) for hollandaise or tomato sauce and they did not have that. I mean, aren’t those two sauces a cafe’s staples? Instead, we were given some hot sauce which we all wouldn’t consider the brunch material type, a type that was similar to sriracha hot sauce, totally unsuited for the big breakfast.


Steak Sarnie W/ Porterhouse, 19AUD

The Steak Sarnie was the most decent dish out of what we ordered. But can you imagine paying 19 bucks and only getting half a burger and few strands of wedges? The burger was served with a Turkish bread and not brioche. The steak was great and succulent, paired with caramelised onions, relish, Swiss cheese and rockets.


Blueberry, Apple & Mint Slushy, 7AUD

It was a warm day outside and this drink was
very much demanded. The slushy was antioxidant packed and was rejuvenating to
the mind. 


Latte, 3.90AUD

I did not try the coffee but it looks promising and no doubt it was done beautifully.


Collective Espresso is a tiny café and its
food did not impress at all. But this is just the opinions talking in my non-clear head,
you on the other hand might think otherwise.

Collective Espresso
3 Cookson Street, Camberwell
Melbourne, Victoria 3124
Tel: +(61) 03 9882 8995

Mon to Fri: 7am-4pm
Sat to Sun: 8am-4pm

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