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EveLovelle was invited to dine as guest at Claypots Seafood Bar

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Its funny that Melbourne is right at the coastline and yet when friends and viewers ask me on where to go in Melbourne for the best seafood in town, I always hesitate with my answers. Fish and chips I got that covered, but for a proper seafood restaurant, Claypots Seafood & Wine is now the answer to that very question. We got to taste some pretty luxurious crustacean species and other well known fishes tonight, in which all were absolutely delicious.

The Zomato (formerly Urbanspoon) team had organized a food bloggers meetup and I was fortunate to be invited to catch up with some familiar faces over a good meal. Claypots Seafood & Wine doesn’t have a standardised menu so you’ll be surprised with their offerings whenever you come. What’s on the menu is dependent on what’s the catch of the day and what’s available on the market.

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Garlic King Prawns

The King Prawns were gigantic and the broth underneath we had our breads dipped in into. The broth was fantastic and the aroma was absolutely alluring. The broth consisted of garlic oil but less viscous than the actual term.



To share we had a selection of Mezze with cuttlefish and calamari as the central meats in this dish, and paired it with some fresh, some grilled veges and salsas. On a side we got some Turkish bread to dip it with dip while having the Mezze.

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Chili Crabs With Mussels

For our side of the table, three girls including me, tried to finish five pieces of crabs and tons of mussels. The chili spice was very minimal, hence the flavour of the crabs and mussels were still bold and fresh. The crab meats were extremely soft and not chewy at all. I even questioned myself at one point if I was eating crab eggs or crab meat, because the meat quintessentially matches itself like textures of mashed potatoes. We got our personal crab tools ready as we carefully dissected each limb, making sure that every bit of meat gets forked out. Its an extremely messy affair I warn you. Its not exactly the best first date kind of place to go to, but we all got comfortable being messy and had tons of fun cutting up crabs while being chitty chatty. The mussels cooked together with the crabs were all opened up nicely and none were shut. I used to dislike mussels and it was an acquired taste for me, so I am really picky when eating them. The ones we had no fishy smells at all and we all enjoyed the taste of it.

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Crispy Skin Silver Dory With Sambal

I absolutely adore this dory because the flatter the fish, the more you can taste the smokiness from the grill. The not spicy sambal also tasted great with the skin and meat. My only critique would be.. more sambal please!

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Malaysian Claypot

The fish claypot curry gave a flavourful tang and the curry sauce is bursting out with lots of flavour from various spices.

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Cajun Style Flathead

Sorry flathead! We curse and we eat don’t we? A pity I did not get to try this one out but my companions from the other side of the table seemed to love it.

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Coral Trout With Sesame, Soy & Ginger

The coral trout has thick white meats and the gravy that overlays it complements well with the fish. My favourite part of this fish was the soft meats that forms its forehead, and also the meats closest to the tail. The white rice was soft and quite glutinous like Japanese rice. I know its just white rice guys, but the rice texture was so addictive and every bite was moreish. All the fishes are immensely big built and I am not even kidding.

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My favourite part about Claypots Seafood & Wine is how the fishes are cooked in a simple and classic manner, that lets the freshness and flavour of the actual fish to really stand out on its own. There is an indoor area, a quiet outdoor, as well as a bar for whatever occasion that suits. I was instantly drawn to the cool hanging giant octopus in the indoor dining area that seemed quite creepy but cool at the same time. It sets the mood up just right and we all had a blast.

Claypots Seafood & Wine
213 Barkly Street St Kilda
Melbourne, Victoria 3182
Tel: +(61) 03 9534 1282
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