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Potato Hash & Mushroom Duxelle W Roasted Field Mushroom, A Poached Egg & Caramelised Onion, 18AUD

Brunching time with a couple of friends at Addict Food & Coffee. The premises instills a homey and casual feel. The cafe has private, communal and outdoor seats for whichever you may. The first item on order was quite the tiny bit, suited especially for ladies who want indulge but not wish to overeat. The dish had a nice balance of soft and crispy. Duxelles are finely chopped mushrooms sauteed with butter and herbs. The creamy moisture of the duxelle was marvelous and this dish is certainly one of Addict Food & Coffee’s signature dishes.


Brioche Breakfast Bun W Bacon , Fried Egg, Field Mushroom, Smoked Scamorza And Brown Sauce, 16AUD + Avocado, 4.50AUD

I opted for the burger with brioche. The bacon was of a generous portion and the melted scamorza that made contact with the mushrooms mixed well together and it was indeed very tasteful.


Corn Fritters W Kasundi, Haloumi, Poached Eggs & A Coriander & Mizuna Salad, 18AUD

Corn Fritters taste bland on its own but it can be a great dish if you mix it up with dips, salads or other sides. The yolks of poached eggs always add great flavour to the fritters. The haloumi also punched the pack, it salts the fritters and in turn enhanced the whole fritter experience.


Ssamjang Glazed Roast Pork Belly W Nashi, Herb Salad And Kimchi Emulsion, 20AUD

Not a fan of the mixed herb salad but the roast pork belly was succulent and the ssamjang glaze really brought out its true flavour. It had a smoky aroma and slight barbecue taste which was really lovely.


Southern Pulled Pork Burger W Slaw & Chipotle Mayo Served W Parmesan French Fries, 18AUD

The Pulled Pork Burger was rather nice at its first few bites, but overtime we started to feel the dryness that left the mouth thirsty for quite a while. The thin parmesan French fries on the side was delectable with every bite and dangerously addictive.


Mork Hot Chocolate, 4AUD

Quality Mork Hot Chocolate was used and it had intense flavour, bittersweet I would say.


Flat White, 4AUD

Latte art was on point for this Flat White. Seriously if we all could, lets all wake up to coffee all day everyday.


Addict Food & Coffee
240-242 Johnston Street, Fitzroy
Melbourne, Victoria 3065
Tel: +(61) 03 9415 6420

Mon to Fri: 7am-4pm
Sat to Sun: 8am-4pm

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