The Vertue Of The Coffee Drink


The Vertue Of The Coffee Drink
is one of the more beautiful cafes I have discovered in a while. The entrance was hidden behind a petrol station, one you’ll hardly discover if it wouldn’t be for the assistance of social media or word of mouth. The Vertue has high ceilings that allow natural light to come in, balmy mild sunlight is naturally a mood lifter. I have been here so many times and can’t seem to get bored of it yet. If you are a student of Melbourne university, The Vertue is walkable and I spot so many uni students hang out here during break time.

Iced Coffee

Iced Coffee

My friends had Iced Coffee while I had a hot drink. Feels like there is a party going on, I love the quirkiness of the straws and it definitely made it look more appealing.


Flat White

The days are getting colder and I have only been craving for hot or warm coffees, not cold. The point when my coffee was served, I felt abounded with contentment to be enjoying this exact moment (as you can see from my expression below).


Chia Seed & Coconut Pudding, 14AUD

You can truly taste the creaminess of the pudding defined by the coconut milk that was used to expand the chia seeds. Both the kiwi and passion fruit gave a sweet and citrusy tang. The whole mug was not just plated beautifully, but light, healthy and delicious all at once.


Scotch Egg, 21AUD

My beau opted for something more savoury. Brioche soldiers carefully stacked with a side of smoked pork belly, scotch egg and a pig skin cracker. Two sauces on the base of the plate that enhanced the taste of smoked pork belly and scotch egg, the yellow was piccalilli mayonnaise, which tasted somewhat like mustard, and the other was a light onion marmalade.


Smoked Fish Chowder, 18AUD

Smoked Fish Chowder was the meal of the day. It almost got to the point where I was reliving good old memory of Seattle’s famous seafood chowder at Ivar’s Fish Bar along the pier. It was truly one of the simplest and best food experiences ever. There were lots of ingredients used here let me tell you. From old bay spiced squid, Port Arlington mussels, barbequed corn, carrots, potatoes, and even a quail egg. The added chopped herbs and a dash of oil heightened the taste.


The Vertue Of The Coffee Drink exemplifies Melbourne in essence of design, food, coffees, and general ambiance. This place I have returned to many times and I am coming back again. I love the quiet charm and the ability to perform a peaceful introspection just sitting here in silence. I’ll pinch myself if it gets more crowded after writing this review. But hey, a good place deserves some sharing right?

The Vertue Of The Coffee Drink
8 Raffa Place, Carlton
Melbourne, Victoria 3053

Tel: +(61) 03 8060 6987

Mon to Fri: 7am-4pm
Sat to Sun: 7.30am-4pm

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