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EveLovelle was invited to dine as guest at JD’s Burgers


Presenting to you one of my newly found favourite burger places in Melbourne! I had high hopes for JD’s Burgers when Daniel and Brenda invited me to their burger joint, and true enough they did not disappoint. These two entrepreneurs originally worked alongside their parents whom had a cafe that was operating for about 15 years before they renovated and focused just on burgers. JD’s Burgers opened not more than than a year ago and its unique selling point would be its wide array of strictly Asian fusion burger types only.



Beer Battered Chips With Special Seasoning, S:4.50AUD/L:7AUD + JD’s Homemade Aurora Chip Sauce, 2AUD

Jan and I started with a large bowl of tantalizing Beer Battered Chips. I prefer thin chips to thick because it would obviously be more crispy, but holy smokes, JD’s Burgers just alternated my rooted judgment. This was huge but seriously thin enough to enjoy a good crisp, all in beer battered flavour. The beer batter flavour was really hefty which made it ultra addictive.


JD’s Mighty Beef Burger, 12AUD

JD’s Mighty Beef Burger is the number one best selling burger at JD’s. Every burger comes with premium French brioche buns, American cheese, tomatoes, lettuce and various special sauces. The special sauce tasted somewhat like honeyed mustard and that’s what I am guessing with. I don’t usually pay attention to buns but this one I could tell a difference of the sweetness it eloped. These beef patties were Australian bred and made in house, with their own special dexterity that made the beef quite puffy. Each bite was sensational and you can feel how succulent the patty is.


Ultimate Black Pepper Beef Burger, 12.50AUD

The Ultimate Black Pepper Beef Burger was the second best selling burger with the same side ingredients, but with added caramelised onions, cracked pepper, special Hong Kong fusion black pepper sauce and mayonnaise. The mushrooms and caramelised onions really stood out and all flavours from all ingredients really go well together. After some intensive deliberation, Jan made up his mind that JD’s Mighty Beef Burger was his favourite, but mine was the Ultimate Black Pepper Beef Burger.


For those of you carnivorous monsters, JD’s Burgers opens up challenges to the public. Try the Super Saiyan 4 Extreme Speed (26AUD), eat for free if you chowed it all within 3.5 minutes. There are also Super Saiyan 5 (31AUD), 6 (37AUD) and 7 (41AUD) with different time limits and you can check them all out at JD’s Burger’s website. The biggest challenge is the 2KG Legendary Super Saiyan Burger Challenge (50AUD)which comes in 8 patties and the completion time is 13 minutes. Complete the challenge and your photo will be printed on JD’s Burgers wall of fame in store.

The hardest part of being at JD’s Burgers is to make burger choices. I am definitely coming back for sure to try out other burger options. I am curious at the ‘Korean Volcano Chicken Burger’ with use of some hot and spicy bulgogi sauce; the ‘Japanese Curry Chicken Burger’; ‘Tempura Fish Fillet Burger’, think tempura fish and chips!; and ‘Satay Chicken Burger’, a Thai fusion as they put special Thai sauce on your chicken patty. There are 13 Asian fusion burger options for you to choose from, you will never be bored!

JD’s Burgers
85 Willsmere Road, Kew
Melbourne, Victoria 3101
Tel: +(61) 03 9853 5771

Mon to Sat: 6.30am-2.30pm
Sun: Closed

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