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By Ba’get, they mean, Vietnamese-French baguette. Vietnamese banh-mi was introduced for the first time when the Vietnamese used to put their fundamental Vietnamese ingredients into French Baguettes during the French colonial rule in the mid-19th century. Duy had invited several fellow bloggers and I to try out their second Ba’get store in the in the city along La Trobe on Argus Building. Their first was on the intersection of Bourke and Russell Street. Duy is the sole proprietor for Ba’get and his passion brought about these two stores and two more upcoming ones on other Melbourne suburban areas. Ba’get features tapas styled items meant for sharing.

At Ba’get, you have to order at the register before you take a seat. Most items on the menu are made fresh from which the time you order.

Mekong Breeze Cocktail
We were welcomed with Mekong Breeze, consisting albeit of spirit, freshened up with lime, ginger and mint. The drink was indeed bracing to the body and mind.


The design of the place has a Vietnamese street style vibe, but with a bit of Melbourne interpretation as the brick wall design was maintained intact from the installation of the previous tenant. Vietnamese food baskets are put on as ceiling lamps, while colourful bicycle wheels are left hanging to keep the design modern and youthful. The whole idea is to keep it casual, but modern at the same time.


Salt And Pepper Whitebait
First off, crispy whitebaits. The coating was flavour packed in itself, but a touch of mayonnaise made it even better. I only had a tiny few because I cringe when I eat a whole body of meat, when the face of the animal is included. I can’t stare at those eyes and say bon appetit. Its good, but yes its against my will to actually eat whitebaits.
Lemongrass Pork Rice Paper Rolls
Next off was a spread of ingredients used to make rice paper rolls. As seen on Instagram (@evelovelle) I get to experience rolling one on my own.

Duy demonstrated before we all proceeded in making one. A firm rice paper was quickly soaked in warm water, placed on the plate and it softens itself up. Put the various ingredients together and roll it from the bottom up.


My messy duty, but still yummy nonetheless.
When ordering the rice paper rolls, you could have it pre-rolled or ask to provide the board so that you could roll on your own. It is more fun this way and the other great thing is to be able to pick how much of each ingredient you want for your individual rolls. We paired our rice paper rolls with hoisin sauce and you simply cannot question the freshness of the roll.

Peaceful Dragon Cocktail
Amidst of all our messy operation table, we were served with another special cocktail that has lychee, lime and half a chili fruit present. This audacious attempt did not pay off for me and I still find it weird to have chili in my drink.

Mama’s Chicken Wings
These wings recipe was passed down along Duy’s grandmother, and yes, mama knows best. The meat was succulent and the skin was perfectly crisp. A side of nuoc nam dipping gives it a tangy kick.

Pomme Frites
If you know me by now, you know I love thinly sliced fries best. The side of mayonnaise sauce is a blessing, but opt to have the chili mayonnaise because its even better.

Salt And Pepper Calamari
The Salt And Pepper Calamari was one of my favourites. It tasted remarkable with a squishy and crispy texture combined.

Pork And Taro Spring Rolls
I could not really taste the taro as it was mild, but you could see hints of it when taking a bite. Wrap it in lettuce leaves and dip in the nuoc nam sauce, its full of pleasure.

Vietnamese Coleslaw With Chicken
Duy mentioned he wanted to show that healthy food can taste great too. Since all ingredients were chopped finely, you get a burst of hearty flavours from all things tossed in. The salad was tantalizingly healthy, just a little naughty with the crackers.


Spicy Prawn Twists
I did not know what to expect when we were served with the Spicy Prawn Twists. Many said that it looked like witch fingers, I said it was similar to lizard tails. Not trying to spoil your mood, but this tasted great in many aspects. Chunks of juicy shrimps were carefully placed within. It was amazing in itself, but of course better with the chili mayonnaise.

Sweet Potato Fries
I ditched the Pomme Frites when we were served with the Sweet Potato Fries. What’s worst was that I find myself not being able to stop till the bowl finished. My my, this was a simple but seriously addictive dish.

Grilled Meat Ball Plate
Moving on to my favourite dish of the night, as well as Duy’s, it was the Grilled Meat Ball. Duy told us that the meatballs was coated with maltose giving it that slightly sweet and sticky finish. The nuoc nam sauce was yet again a great complement that was light enough to still let the meatballs steal the limelight.

Vietnamese Sesame Donut
Since there were leftovers at the counter, Duy gave us a try at their Vietnamese doughnut. I liked it, but I would rather have it with any kind of jam. By any kind of jam, I mean, strictly Nutella. Just kidding. By all means, have it with your favourite jam.

Vietnamese Cassava
Like pancake, I mean thick pancake, this was a good muncher.

Vietnamese Coffee
I have always been fond of Vietnamese coffee and this one is no different. An espresso with condensed milk is always good to go. Sweet but at the same time heavy and robust.

The Ba’get menu is all about balance. If you order the salad, you need the right proportions of vegetables, meat and other condiments. Likewise with every other things from the menu from banh-mi to the rice paper rolls. This is so that the purpose of every ingredients’ flavour brought together is maximised. Overall, all the food was very well received by all the fellow bloggers on the table. I would definitely return and bring a couple of my friends so they get a try. Thanks again Duy for your kind hospitality and enriching stories. I truly admire your passion not just for the love of food but also as an entrepreneur.

3/284-294 La Trobe Street, CBD
Melbourne, Victoria 3000
Tel: +(61) 03 9326 3449
Mon to Fri: 7.30am-630pm
Sat to Sun: 10am-4pm

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