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Pizza is of course sexy! I believe one reason for its antithetical statement is A25 Pizzeria’s specialty for serving ultra thin pizzas, which also means, less carbs! Less calories for my favourite food, definitely a plus point. A25 Pizzeria is founded by Remo Nicolini, and its also a sister joint to the Dockland’s pizza outlet called Non Solo Pasta. Remo is also a dear brother to Tony Nicolini, the talented dude behind D.O.C Pizza. Indubitably, the duo had succeeded in bringing a little piece of Italy all the way to Melbourne.



Roman Chips, 6AUD

These chips are like potato chips except you could taste the real potato. That’s because its made in house right when you order. And a good amount of parmesan shavings never hurt no body.


Carbonara Pizza, 15.50AUD 

None can resist a good amount of fior di latte. There is also a free range egg added since this is in fact, a carbonara. Pancetta was its main meat topping, but ingredients like caramelised onions, parsley, peppers and sprinkled parmesan shavings enhanced the taste. Out of the two pizza that we ordered, the carbonara was the clear winner.


Bunga Bunga Pizza, 16.50AUD

The Bunga Bunga was awarded as best pizza according to its sister’s pizzeria at Non Solo Pata even though my dining partner as well as I considered Carbonara Pizza as the better option. The Bunga Bunga also had ample amounts of fior di latte, a little bit of that tomato base, with berkshire sausages and porcini mushrooms before dazzling the body with parmesan shavings.


I am lucky to have A25 Pizzeria just down the street a few blocks away from mine. I am still on the hunt for great pizza places in Melbourne, my favourite being +39 Pizzeria so far. But for a quick fix, A25 Pizzeria will do for now.

A25 Pizzeria
720 Chapel Street, South Yarra
Melbourne, Victoria 3141
Tel: +(61) 03 9826 2233

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