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Another great brunch place in the city. Can you believe after all this while I have not been to Stagger Lee’s yet? But I finally did! Of the many great brunch places Fitzroy has got to offer, Stagger Lee’s is a strong contender and I highly recommend it. The menu offers serious choices and it was very difficult to nail it down to these two. We decided to pick something savoury and something sweet just to balance the ying and the yang. And to start off, we also had coffee from Proud Mary’s. It only made sense because Stagger Lee’s cafe was a collaboration between Proud Mary’s owner, Norlan Hirte, and Chris Hamburger, an ex chef from Aylesbury.


Rusticism still maintained, or else it wouldn’t be Melbourne wouldn’t it?


Skinny Cappuccino, 3.80AUD + Latte, 3.80AUD

Did I ever tell you that I love a good long black too? But often they cool up too fast and they don’t taste great cold, hence I order white coffee all the time. Plus I get to admire latte arts which brightens my mood instantly.


Such a vibrant happy day


Shrooms ‘N’ Truffles, 17.50AUD

Shrooms ‘N’ Truffles is Stagger Lee’s staple and you should heavily consider ordering it if you have never tried this one. Plus, its something totally different that you would not get elsewhere. I was most excited when the menu mentioned that there is pecorino pepato shavings because I always swoon over Italian cheeses. Half of the plate was polenta covered with an egg yolk on top, the other half were pan roasted pine mushrooms with two thin slices of toasts. The truffle sprays were visible and the smell of the truffle was very distinct that it gave me pounding headaches because it was just stellar.


Pretzel, Honeycomb & Salted Choc French Toast, 15.50AUD

Two slices of chocolate toasts or some sort was what we were expecting, but nope, its a rounded French Toast that tasted amazing with scooped vanilla ice cream on the side. Spot the deconstructed chocolates on the plates, those chocolates bombed the roof and it was in my opinion the best part of the dish. I could only wish we had more of it. This dish was more like a dessert plate than a sweet breakfast to me, but sharing it did not feel as sinful as if you eat it by yourself.


I was so excited to poke and cut the chocolate toast expecting for chocolate lava to ooze out. Ah dang, it didn’t happen. But moistened toast taste good enough.


I love how the cold drip tubes are just being casually placed on the communal table and it acts as a breakage from people across the table. I mean, we all want public space if we are sitting on this table but a barrier like this is just enough to keep things a little private if you just want to communicate with the person beside you. Maybe I thought a little too much. Well lets just say.. its cool and hence its on the table. I would definitely be coming back to Stagger lee’s and let my other brunch partners in crime try out this place, who knows they might just be mind blowingly staggered.

Stagger Lee’s

276 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy
Melbourne, Victoria 3065
Tel: +(61) 03 9419 5564

Mon to Fri: 7am-4pm
Sat to Sun: 8am-4pm

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