Red Silks Restaurant & Bar


If you want it cheap and easy, Red Silks Restaurant & Bar has got it all worked out. A whole range of basic cuisines from Thai, Indonesian, Chinese, Japanese, Singaporean, Malaysian, Indian, just about wherever in Asia. Red Silks Restaurant & Bar is also one of RMIT students favourite hangout places and you would typically spot them here during lunch breaks. They have both an indoor as well as an alfresco dining area that we had our meals at.



Foamy Iced Green Tea Milk, 3.80AUD + Foamy Iced Black Tea Milk, 3.80AUD + Grass Jelly On Ice, 3.30AUD

This is totally the place where you can order legit Asian drinks you might have missed or are craving for. They also had drinks such as milo, horlicks, barley, longan on ice and many more.


Grilled Lemon Grass Chicken Fillet And Fried Egg On Rice, 10.80AUD

The skin of the grilled chicken had a very nice marinade on it and it went well with the sweet chilli. A fried egg was also a nice touch so the dish wasn’t too simple.


Indonesian Style Fish Fillet On Rice, 11AUD

It looked more like potatoes on rice doesn’t it? We first expected grilled fish fillet with black sauce on it or on the side. The gravy was nice and the fish fillet was smooth and meaty, hence we didn’t mind that it did not turn out as expected.


Thai Style Herbs N Spice Chicken On Rice, 11AUD

Minced chicken with various herbs that was bursting with flavour. There was sour, sweet, salty and spicy combo glued altogether. The spices hit the right spots which enlivened the whole mixture.


We sat at the corner and enjoyed the rooftop experience. Red Silks Restaurant & Bar makes simple hawker dishes and provides a great space to indulge on it.


My dining partner Abe just had to throw a cheeky smile to the camera. Anyway, the dining area inside Red Silks Restaurant & Bar is pretty sleek and cozy and I would definitely come back for quick cheap eats when I am in the city. Perhaps get an Indian prata or two that I have been craving for recently.

Red Silks Restaurant & Bar

Level 1, 200 Bourke Street, CBD
Melbourne, Victoria 3000

Tel: +(61) 03 9663 9922

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