Pho Dzung


Special Beef Combination (S:9.50AUD/M:10.50AUD/L:11.50AUD)

Mmmhmmm, a bowl of steaming hot pho to warm up my belly. At Pho Dzung, trust me when I say that small means medium, medium means large, and large means super sized. This one above was in small. I requested for no tripes. The bowl came with rare beef slices, beef flanks and beef tendons. I was too scared to eat the tendons and so I dumped them into my lunch partner’s bowl. The broth was pretty good, more on the sweeter side and the flavour was almost there. Not the best broth quality but good enough to satisfy my cravings. For really good beef and I meant scotch fillet beef on your pho, try Pho 24 on Flinders lane. Now that I am filled up and heated up I am ready to battle the winds outside.

Pho Dzung
234 Russell Street, CBD
Melbourne, Victoria 3000

Tel: +(61) 03 9663 8885

Mon to Sun: 9am-10pm

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