Niko Niko


Sliced Fresh Fish Porridge, 8.50AUD

The other day I was craving for Chinese porridge so Jan and I drove over to Niko Niko at Chadstone just for that. I love how porridges here are served in a pot. Many call it congee and refer porridges as softened oats, but us Asians are used to calling it porridge. Yes, rice boiled over water, not oats. The consistency of the porridge was creamy and smooth so you cannot quite distinguish the grains of rice against the liquid. I love the subtlety of the porridge, but you could add in extra condiments such as soy, oil or pepper for more flavour. The fish however, had more skin than meat. You should perhaps still be careful of tiny bones that might be hidden within the meat or floating around the porridge.


Beef And Meatball Porridge, 10AUD

Even though still little, Jan’s Beef Porridge certainly had more meats than mine. They are pretty stingy with meat portions, but generous with the amount of porridge.


Youtiao, 3AUD

I suggest pairing your porridge with Youtiao because this is how we do it back home. Let it drown in your porridge for about a minute and take a bite of the warm Youtiao soaked in porridge right after. Oh yes, we’re coming back.

Niko Niko

639-641 Warrigal Road, Chadstone
Melbourne, Victoria 3148
Tel: +(61) 03 9568 0113
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