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Another brunch date with my girl Sashia. We settled at a tiny brunch place called Monk Bodhi Dharma. This place is hard to spot as its not located on the main road, but your Google Maps should still help you out with piecing the puzzle. I love the wallpaper of Monk Bodhi just casually walking with two random tigers, I mean, oh cool you are unharmed. Monk Bodhi Dharma was an Indian Buddhist monk who begun the conception of Zen. Never could all of us imagine if he were to crawl out from his grave today would he ever go to this cafe inspired by Monk Bodhi Dharma himself and have a cup of coffee? I don’t think he is that hipster kind of guy. Monk Bodhi Dharma serves everything vegetarian from the savoury to the sweet. They also brew seasonal coffees and mostly single estate picked.



Not that they did a bad coffee, but we were talking to a lady beside our table for too long and it would be inappropriate to stop the conversation and have a snap. I did not realise the foam would bubble up after a while. But in all seriousness, the foam of the latte was in absolute smooth when served. The roast was bluntly strong and we both loved it.


Avignon Apple Pancakes

This vegan and gluten free combo still serves its purpose of craving the sweet tooth without actually consuming gluten or processed sugars. It is gluten free because the pancake batter was made out of buckwheat served with shredded apples on top. We were not able to comprehend how delicious it was, as it was just simply heaven on my tongue for every bite I took. Mix that cinnamon ice cream over the pancake and drizzle the maple syrup generously over it. Request for more maple syrup if you may, and no I will not judge you. It was still sinful but more healthy and hearty than normal buttermilk pancakes.


Umami Mushrooms

A reason why Umami Mushrooms are called Umami Mushrooms is because mushrooms are high in glutamate, which is quintessential to the fifth flavour we know as the umami. On the splurge of sauce were roasted king oysters, both shiitake and Swiss brown mushrooms that were topped with sprinkled goat cheese, thyme and red chili oil. Not typical bread underneath but polenta bread made out of pumpkin, spinach and sundried tomatoes. Sounds too good to not try? In all honesty I would have preferred normal bruschetta over this polenta. But aside from it, the oysters-mushrooms mix were just delectable.


Something similar and you would spot Umami Mushrooms from Monk Bodhi Dharma’s sister cafe called Admiral Cheng Ho at Abbotsford. I have yet to give that a try but I might just be tempted to order the same thing when I visit.

Monk Bodhi Dharma
202 Carlisle Street, Balaclava
Melbourne, Victoria 3183
Tel: +(61) 03 9534 7250

Mon to Fri: 7am-5pm
Sat to Sun: 8am-5pm

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