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Problems with petite girls wearing a midi skirt is that we can easily look short when not worn properly. Mind you I am only 5’3, that’s 160cm. I generally have a shorter torso than many, longer legs for my proportion. As a rule of thumb, wear heels or shoes with platforms with at least a few inches high when wearing a midi skirt. I should really get used to wearing heels but somehow or another I am always crawling my way with anything else but that. A higher heel for me would make my legs too long for my body proportion too, just a few extra inches was all I needed. This red midi skirt is opaque to the knee and sheer thereafter, which creates more dimension closer to the hemline. I feel great in everything neutral, just a pop of colour to set the tone. Tell me this is fall appropriate, the weather has been nothing but sort of great lately. Melbourne, keep the cool running.

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