Touchwood is a cozy cafe with huge indoor seating area, and a private backyard to soak in the sun. We nestled indoors because it was a little too hot outside.


Not that you should be surprised, most furnitures are made out of wood, and check how cute is this corner setting. That’s where we sat.


Morning Grain Salad, 16AUD

Summertime leave you calling for lighter meals (just… sometimes). This Morning Grain Salad would give you a surge of energy with mixed grains combining quinoa, freekeh and wild rice. Lots of bitter rockets but fret not, there’s chai soaked raisins that sweetens. The dressing was a light cumin yoghurt that felt almost like its barely even there. There were almonds and that’s always nice because these babies are compounded with good fats and Vitamin E.


Banana And Blueberry Wholemeal Waffles, 15AUD

Well, lets just be honest here.. I came to Touchwood for its pretty waffles after looking at it from multiple instagrammers whom I am following. It was beautiful. It was though, just waffles with basic ingredients of blueberry, bananas, creme fraiche, strawberry dust on top, and organic maple syrup surrounding it. And I guess the floral petals boosted the sales for these waffles by an incremental amount. Um, surely right? There is no denying it that a simple dish can be delicious as well, and I do believe they do a good basic.


Avocado Toast #2, 17AUD + Poached Egg, 2.50AUD

Hashtag two because there was a hashtag one, Avocado Toast with something else. Either way, we all prefered the #2 option, which comes with smoked salmon, feta and mint. Its a Melbournian classic, come on.. I am sure you can imagine how this taste like.


This is just one section of the cafe. There is the front portion that has communal tables, while the door towards the back leads to an outdoor backyard. Many have complained regarding the poor service at Touchwood but I did not face such problems with the staffs and they were all great. Food came really quickly too. If I come back, I would love to try their other dishes as I am pretty interested with their lunch menu. I have my eye on Touchwood’s Lamb Koftas and the Mexican Chicken Salad.

480 Bridge Road, Richmond
Melbourne, Victoria 3121
Tel: +(61) 03 9429 9347

Mon to Fri: 7am-4pm
Sat to Sun: 7.30am-4.30pm

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