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Thai fare, as you know it, gets you a bowl of fragrant rice and many sharing plates on the table. Even when there were only the three of us dining here, we still managed to do that. Thai On Chapel has terrific ratings online and with that, it was Jan’s job to drive us there.


The design of the place was unique, kind of like the setting of typical Thai houses you might see back then. Not sure which era, maybe from the 1920s all the way to its 1990s? I still remember those cages my family had at home decades ago. We used to have tons of them,and owned tons of colourful sparrows in it. Hence this place brings me back old memories. At this age of day living through the 90s, I am still in disbelief of how quickly the world has revolutionized.


Seafood Tom Yum Soup, 8.90AUD

So I should stop sounding like an old fart and start with the food review. We were quite disappointed when our Tom Yum Soup came in such a small bowl. There were two options, the smaller bowl or the bigger bowl, this was the bigger one. I mean, can you imagine how small would the smaller bowl be? When we were sharing it however, we realised how much it was packed with seafoods inside and actually enough for three. However, all that volume taken up by the core ingredients make the soup itself very little in liquid content. The tom yum itself tasted great, but we just wished that they meant it when they said, big bowl.


Beef Pad Thai Noodle, 12.90AUD

The Pad Thai was really yummy. Thai people usually pride themselves with their specialty condiment, the tamarind sauce. Tamarind sauce is used in great variety of Thai food offerings such as slathering it on top of a fried fish, stir frying it on diced beef and chicken, Thai curries, or even this Beef Pad Thai Noodles. The natural sour taste comes from the tamarind paste, and if there were any other flavours I tasted, it was slightly sweet, slightly salty, and slightly spicy.


Three Flavor Fish Fillet, 16.90AUD

Deep fried fish cuts with basil and tamarind sauce, some fresh red peppers pineapples corns and carrots. My favourite dish of the night.


Larb Gai, 12.90AUD

Larb Gai is essentially minced meat salad, either with beef or chicken. This particular one was chicken with grounds of toasted rice, red onions, coriander and chilli.


Coconut Pancake (9Pcs), 7.50AUD

After reading reviews online, Thai On Chapel’s signature dish turned out to be its baked Coconut Pancake made through a special iron mould. It doesn’t look spectacular but it sure taste flipping amazing. It is best eaten warm and be sure to eat one mouthful for each pancake piece. The sweet coconut taste was distinct and the pancake mix within wasn’t fully cooked yet, which brought about that melt-in-your-mouth composition. Just eat it with three simple toppings, corn, spring onions or crushed nuts. Whoa really, its a must order!


It being affordable was also icing on the cake. We all enjoyed dinner so much! Chapel Street houses perhaps hundreds of restaurants and Thai on Chapel is by far my favourite Thai food place along Windsor and the South Yarra precinct.

Thai On Chapel

76 Chapel Street, Windsor
Melbourne, Victoria 3181
Tel: +(61) 03 9533 6262
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