Koba K-BBQ


For a decent Korean cheap eats in the CBD, Koba K-BBQ is certainly an option. We chose to sit outside on a breezy sunny day like this. Ahh, life!


Korritos (Pork), 9.50AUD

Korritos aka Korean burritos.  It was filled with kimchi rice, melted cheese and some basic vegetables. I had high expectations for the Korritos, but as it turned out, it lacked in the amount of rice making it chewier, as the primary texture was only felt from the burrito wrap. Nay, I want more rice!


Korritos (Beef), 9.50AUD

And same goes to the beef one as well..


Kimchi Fries, 7AUD

The lightly seasoned red pepper and sour cream were plenty but isn’t cheese that one thing that will make all the difference? It could definitely do much better with more cheese but the Kimchi Fries itself was pretty great.


Tacos, 7AUD

We ordered Chicken Tacos and its loaded with tomato salsa, kimchi and Korean Slaw. I can’t decide but are you more of a hard shelled or soft shelled taco kind of person?


Korean Sliders, 7.50AUD

If I remembered correctly, the Korean Sliders were 7.50AUD for two, not one. Not the best, but man for the price, I’ll make do with it. Inside the buns were short ribs and crispy onion rings slathered in ssamjang mayonnaise. If you haven’t already noticed, Koba K-BBQ is a Korean-Mexican fusion stall  similar to Chimac. It is located right opposite Hardware Societe along Hardware Street. I don’t consider it a restaurant because the seating areas inside are kind of awkward. There are a few tables and chairs outside of the premises and if you get to sit on one when the day has perfect weather, it couldn’t get any better than that.

Koba K-BBQ
119 Hardware Street, CBD
Melbourne, Victoria 3000
Tel: +(61) 03 9973 8425

Mon to Wed: 11.30-4.30pm
Thu to Sat: 11.30pm-9.30pm
Sun: Closed

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