Down Grafitti Lane


I have been to Brunswick many times but this was actually my first time getting lost wandering around the area. The agenda today was to first.. brunch, then, be mesmerized by the grafittis along Brunswick’s hidden laneways. There were many more street art walls for sure, but I have selected only a few for this post because I don’t want it messy. I love how crazy talented Melburnians can be! These days, I tend to stick to wearing streetwear because its the most comfortable style I can adhere to, and today was no exception. I guess its just a phase that I am going through. But here’s another rendition of what I would wear on a typical day in Melbourne. One of my girlfriend also mentioned that I look most in my element when I am dressed up in street chic outfits. Denim and loafers especially, screams my name. I am a little obsessed with with my oxblood jacket with hidden air pockets in colourful material that I bought from GUESS last winter in the United States. I have been neglecting it in my wardrobe but figured I should bring it out again today. Don’t you question me why was I wearing a long sleeved denim with a thick air insulated jacket on a summer day… it was 13 degrees celsius mind you! Oh Melbourne, keep it cool, don’t heat up.

Photographer: Sashia Samira

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