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EveLovelle was invited to dine as guest at Dex2rose Nitrogen Gelato


Cold Brewed Coffee, 4.95AUD

Another Nitrogen gelato premises just opened in the city, but one with a twist. The owner and chef, Jesse, thought nightlife in the city should not just be about pubs and bars, a gelato hangout area can be cool too. We all should second that, at least I do. Dex2rose opens till late every night, till 12am on the weekends. Like Fructose, lactose, glucose, sucrose (and many more), dextrose is a form of of glucose that is commonly used for baking products. It acts as a sweetener to the gelatos made on site. Since its specialty is making gelato with nitrogen (N2), hence Dex2rose was formed. It is pronounced with a silent 2. I don’t know about you but I am always fascinated with cafes having hidden meanings on their name.
My girl Sashia and I literally crashed when the sugar kicked in from after eating too much gelato, but it was well worth it. I would come back real soon because they will be introducing more flavours. I can’t wait to bring more of my friends over because its such a strategic place to hang out at in the city, whether day or night. Sashia and I started out with Dex2rose’s Cold Brewed Coffee containing up to 67% less acidity than hot brewed ones. As you all would already know, in a milk based coffee, I like my coffee intense and nutty, not so much of the sourish blend. Since this Cold Brewed Coffee was intense but just mildly acidic, it was the perfect flavour to my palate. We enjoyed the coffee neat over ice but you could request for milk to balance and thicken, or sugar syrup to sweeten.


The boys from Dex2rose was a fun bunch, we had a great time


We toured the kitchen and looked at the equipments they used to make the gelato. Hmm, things are about to get serious.

First we pour in the specific gelato flavour

Then Liquid nitrogen was added and the gas was the result of the liquid nitrogen turning to a solidified form, and this process is called crystallisation.

Hey Yo Oreo!, 6.95AUD/7.95AUD
Gelato is churned at a much slower speed than ice creams, which introduces less air into the base. Gelatos have a denser texture because there are less air as compared to ice creams, and the best part is that they have less fat as well. Hey Yo Oreo! is one of the more popular flavours. Oreos were crushed in the mixer with the creamy milk gelato, topped with vanilla cream and more oreo dusts. Its a family favourite and this one you know you would love if you are not so much of the adventurous type.


Maybe It’s Mapleline, S:5.95AUD/R:6.95AUD
Do you catch that phrase? If you’re a Maybelline fan, you would. The gelato was infused with 100% ‘A’ grade dark amber maple syrup. And yes, there were tons of roasted walnuts within, so it gives you a creamy and crispy punch. For Sashia it was a little too sweet, for me it was on point.


Pink Flamingo, S:5.95AUD/R:6.95AUD
You might just go off blushing in the face when you leave Dex2rose with the Pink Flamingo Gelato. This one was Sashia’s favourite of the day. This sorbet had peach and rose moscato mixed together, and finally topped with rosewater coconut cream. It was the most citrusy and refreshing cup we tried. Its something new, and something different, give this one a go.


After Ate, S:4.95AUD/R:5.95AUD
After Ate was my favourite out of the bunch. I am not usually a big fan of mint, but this indulgent chocolate milk gelato infused with peppermint oil was a definite exception. And it gets better, the gelato was churned with brownies! Somehow, I wouldn’t consider it to be fully milk based chocolate as it was a little bitter and dark. But man, it was just so.. so good.


Excuse me while I devour.
We also get to try a few spoonfuls of the ‘Watermelon Iced Tea Sorbet (W.I.T.S)’ and the Lazy Dinner (sage, burnt butter and caramel gelato with caramel sauce) gelato, which were both equally delectable. If you want something else that is different, try the Nitro Beer Brew for a change. Nitrogen spills out along with the beer when poured, how cool is that?

If you walk along Little Bourke Street, Dex2rose Nitrogen Gelato is situated in a hidden lane and its pretty hard to spot. Look out for Racing Club Lane and walk about 10-20 metres ahead. Dex2rose Nitrogen Gelato is perfect for the summer time. I don’t know about you but I love having gelato during winter too. You might just spot me lingering around Dex2rose pretty often from now on.

Dex2rose Nitrogen Gelato
Racing Club Lane, 377 Little Bourke Street, CBD
Melbourne, Victoria 3000
Tel: +(61) 03 9078 0784

Mon to Thu: 12pm-11pm
Fri to Sat: 12pm-12am
Mon to Thu: 12pm-11pm

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