Cupid’s Undie Run


EveLovelle was invited to attend the Cupid’s Undie Run For The Children’s Tumour Foundation


Partying at the rooftop


This lover has got humour


Stretching before the run


Dolly Diamond, Australia’s premier cabaret entertainer hosting the run


Dolly Diamond and the boys from Joy 94.9fm


Abe and I. Got my shirt backward forward because there’s a stain at the front #weirdo #whatever #stillforagoodcause


Light snacks provided by Beachcomber Cafe


Prize giving time


Abe and the other dukes or should I say, the cupids?

EveLovelle was fortunate to have attended the Cupid’s Undie Run to help raise awareness for the Children’s Tumour Foundation on Valentine’s Day. As sad as I am not being able to have Jan this year with me, I am still grateful to be a part of the community that raises funds for the children. We started with a gathering by the rooftop at St. Kilda’s beach’s Beachcomber Cafe where everyone undresses (wee-o-weet!). Then proceeded with the run along the beach and then back at the rooftop for some light snacks, drinks, and prize giving ceremony. Dolly Diamond hosted the whole event and charity was made fun with hilarity! Last year’s Cupid’s run raised more than $150,000. Valentine’s day is not just about celebrating it with your other half, share some love for the people around you, and lend a helping hand to the children undergoing these issues. Look out for 2016’s Cupid’s event, you can help to make a difference. You undress for the best, its all for a good cause.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I hope you love and feel loved today ❤

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