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Another Vegetarian restaurant option that serves mostly vegan, raw, organic, gluten free and you know, all that stuff. I met up with my blogger friend, Wanderingmint and her friend Steve for dinner. Yong Green Food had far been in my list for quite sometime ever since my absolute amazing experience at Vegie Bar (a vegetarian restaurant). I expected Vegie Bar’s standards, but Yong Green Food wasn’t on par. Not that its bad, it was just decent.


Organic Chilli Bean Nachos, 15AUD 

Overall dish was very dry to the throat, and barely enough sauces for all the chips. The corn chips were served with chilli beans, guacamole, sour cream and organic cheese. Some jalapenos on the sides where everyone would just sweep it under, and left them all behind.


Homemade Kimchi Gyoza, 13AUD

Flimsy looking Homemade Kimchi Gyoza that barely forms a shape. I say the chili soy sauce served with it was its saving grace.


Kelp Pad Thai, 19AUD

The Kelp Noodles were delightful. It wasn’t everyone’s’ favourite, but I loved it anyhow. Amongst all that mixed organic veggies, thin kelp noodles were coated with chilli cashew sauce with strongly spiced tamari almonds that were extremely addictive.


Buckwheat Crepe, 13.50AUD

I have high expectations for the Buckwheat Crepe because of how it looks, and the craze over it on on Instagram. This crepe was absolutely organic, vegan and gluten free with braised shiitake mushrooms inside as the standout ingredient folded within. The white sauce underneath was wasabi soy mayo. I thought with kewpie it would taste better. Overall, if not for the presentation 13.50AUD was a bit much to hand over.


Fried Nori Roll, 13AUD

I liked the Fried Nori Roll, but again, it was slightly overpriced. They wrapped mung bean noodles with tofu, sesame leaves and some veggies around three nori seaweeds. The sauce was lovely as well, it was sweet, sour and therefore called the yuzu citrus dipping sauce.


Dragon Bowl, 19AUD

Dragon Bowl was incredibly amazing and its one of the recommended items on the menu. At first we were rather disappointed when it came by looking like this. We thought it was just vegetables and tofu, how great..? Then we understood we had to add in the red chili paste onto the bowl and mix it up. There was actually biodynamic brown rice and some sliced soy beef underneath all that veg. Dragon Bowl it up like bibimbap and the result was of reddish rice mixture. The sauce was just, wow. The miso soup on the side also helped to wash out the heavy duty.


Chocolate Cheesecake, 9AUD

Let us warn you, desserts at Yong Green Food is always a bad idea. We should have shared one, instead we ordered three. Raw desserts here just can’t simply win over the real deal. Unless you can prove me wrong, don’t be half hearted with opting for the vegan, raw or gluten free desserts option because it just wouldn’t taste as good. The cheesecake was rather sandy and not cheesy at all. It was made out with a mixture of blended cashew, almonds, sunflower seeds, sultanas, cacao, dates to sweeten, agave and coconut oil.


Tiramisu, 10.50AUD

The Tiramisu was as sandy as the the Chocolate Cheesecake. With the same blended cashew, agave, dates and raw cacao powder, they added brazil nuts, coconut butter, a normal espresso and a little bit organic spiced rum.


Raspberry White Chocolate Cheesecake, 8AUD

This one used blended cashew and agave as the core cake ingredient as well. Such sandy consistency shouldn’t be considered a cheesecake. Cheesecakes are milky, smooth and cheesy and its hard to achieve that texture with raw ingredients like what was used here.

After trying out their mains, I thought it was pretty decent but uncomparable to Vegie Bar. And after having their desserts, we all got pretty dissatisfied. I say, ditch the raw, damn it I already having a cake, give me proper, proper cake! Comparing the two, I would pick Vegie bar because I know every dish I order there is often a definite winner.  Trust me, I have been to Vegie Bar a couple of times and was never disappointed. At Yong Green Food on the other hand, you have to know what to pick or you’ll basically be discontented. And of course, avoid their desserts at all cost.

Yong Green Food
421 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy
Melbourne, Victoria 3065
Tel: +(61) 03 9417 3338
Mon: Closed
Tue: 12pm-4pm
           5pm- 10pm
Wed: 5pm-10pm
Thu to Sat: 12pm-4pm
                     5pm- 10pm
Sun: 12pm-4pm
          5pm- 9pm

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