VIP Cocktail Party Hosted By Le Club Accor Hotels (Special Guests: Serena Williams, Venus Williams & Baz Luhrmann) #AusOpen2015

EveLovelle was invited to attend the VIP Cocktail Party at Sofitel on Collins as guest, Hosted By Le Club Accor Hotels


Over the weekend, I was privileged to be invited by Graham Wilson and Fiona Byrne from Sofitel Accor Hotels to attend a private party. I brought my bella, Felisa, to attend this fabulous and exclusive event of not more than 100 people. We were honoured to be a part of it. Special guests for the night were the ever so fabulous sisters, Serena Williams and Venus Williams. The two sisters are here for the Australian Open 2015 and are staying at Sofitel hotel for the rest of the tournament season.

And guess who stands in the middle of the both of them? Baz Luhrmann, the legendary movie director who is clearly successful in a more theatrical side of films. If you remembered all these movies, Strictly Ballroom, Romeo + Juliet, Moulin Rouge!, Australia, and The Great Gatsby, these were all his genius works. He recently debuted a short clip with Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel No.5 starring Giselle Bündchen. Ain’t he dapper? He is definitely fashion’s favourite filmmaker, the type of man I look up to.


From left to right, Serena Williams, Baz Luhrmann, Venus Williams and Graham Wilson who is also the chief marketing and distribution officer for the Accor Asia Pacific.


Those who attended were mostly professionals, important and loyal clients of Accor, investors, newspaper reporters, and a few of us bloggers.


Here’s my outfit for the night, a Ralph Lauren sleeveless shirt, pencil skirt from Bardot Australia, and a pop of red with my Lily from Mulberry.


Duck Parfait

And since I am a food blogger, I took pictures of food too.. I just had to. What a cute and smart way to serve canapes with a tennis racket, it was very appropriate and definitely memorable.




Beef Roll


Shrimp Wantons


Smoked Duck






Cauliflower Mousse With Caviar


This sweet waiter, Marc, would make sure he come up to me every time he’s back from the kitchen to let me take a photo for every round of food.


The chocolates were too pretty for anyone to eat, it was left untouched throughout. You just have to agree that it is a great representation for the #AusOpen2015.




So what’s in for tonight, we got to watch Serena and Venus to make Serena’s favourite French dessert, the Alaskan Bombe alongside Sofitel’s head chef, John Savage. They were seen moulding the ice cream, sandwiching in sponge cakes and jelly before decorating it through piping the exterior of it with meringue.


Chef John seen assisting Venus Williams


Serena Williams, John Savage and Venus Williams decorating the Alaskan Bombe


You know the drill and like fashion, present it in such a way that is visually inclined without appearing intentionally overdone or trying too hard. That’s a tough inexplicable concept, but it seemed like the Williams sisters mastered that repertoire. The outcome was an incredibly beautiful Alaskan Bombe with the meringue shell gently blowtorched and decorated with florals.


So Graham Wilson hosted the ceremony and requested Baz Luhrmann to judge between the two. Baz announced that both were equally extraordinary in different ways but there could only be one result, and that result was a tie. The crowd started cheering for these two legends who seemed to not only be talented as athletes, but they seemed pretty good in the kitchen as well.


All guests were given an Alaskan Bombe to try and I have been longing for this dessert ever since I had a taste on one. It was one of the best desserts of all time and I now understand why its Serena’s favourite dessert, perhaps mine too right now.


So amazing. I would be hunting for these in other Melbourne restaurants soon.


Lucky us we got a snap with Serena backstage from the party venue as the party comes to an end. Serena is currently world number one (2014) in the Womens Tennis Association (WTA) singles ranking, and Venus not too far behind. She had been on tour for more than 20 years and is still expected to do the impeccable this year. May the force be with you and you shall triumph the whole thing!


 The premises was beautiful and classy, the food was exquisite while service was immaculate. Courtesy to the people behind Sofitel and the Accor group for having us once again. Your hospitality couldn’t be more than what we hoped for.

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  1. This is what I call a perfect party. The location, the pictures, the venue, everything is just amazing and I wish loads of happiness to all of you. Well, can you also help me and give advice for selection of best party halls in Boston MA?

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