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Look at that view, whoa. I am still reliving moments from when I was here as I am writing this blog post on The Baths, located at Sorrento, Mornington. It was the perfect day to be gazing out at god’s gift of nature while having scrumptious meals with your closed ones. My friends, Felisa & Nadia’s mums decided to rent a place at Rye beach for the weekend. Thanks aunt Santi and aunt Ayu for your kind hospitality throughout our whole stay here. Aunt Ayu recommended The Baths, mentioning that it is the best restaurant offering stunning views of the beach. This place also hosts wedding events from time to time.


We ordered different, multiple mains and tried four different desserts


Char Grilled Scotch Fillet, Red Onion Marmalade, Truffled Potato Puree, 36AUD

Aunt Ayu ordered the Scotch Fillet and she said it was perfect. The portion was just right for one. However, more greens would be nice.


Local Mussels W Chorizo & Tomato & Grilled Bread, 27AUD

For the love of mussels, Aunt Santi had to order just that. The Chorizo was a little bit dry despite being cooked in broth, but the broth was extremely great though. The mussels were fresh too.


Market Fish (Blue Grenadier), Olive Oil, Crushed Kipflers, Fennel & Citrus Salad, 30AUD

I decided to order the fish of the day and my dish was as light as I would have liked that day. The sunkissed orange adds additional flavour to the fish and kipflers. The skin of the fish was crispy and dried but the meat of the blue grenadier itself was firm and it still did retained its natural juice.


Lamb Rump W Sweet Potato Puree & Seeded Mustard, 30AUD

The lamb was cooked to medium with a pale pink centre, was firm and springy. The sweet potato puree was to die for and the broccolini wasn’t undercooked.


Smoked Salmon & Avocado Bruschetta, 16AUD

The Bruschetta bread wasn’t hard and crispy, in fact it was chewy. Salmon was plenty which was great. There were quite a few healthy items on the menu so health fanatics don’t get worried, this one certainly was one of them.


Linguine, Prawns, Tomato, Chilli, Lemon, Basil, 28AUD

Ample of medium sized prawns on the plate. The red sauce was rich, thick and quite creamy, the amount just sufficient enough to coat every single string of pasta. We loved the tiny kick of heat from the chili as well.


We have to have desserts because let’s not deny it, we all have separate stomachs for desserts..


Orange Marmalade Cake, Passionfruit Sorbet & Pistachios, 14AUD

And then we sinned. Carbs, gluten, non organic stuff and all that. From down to the top, from the sorbet, the orange cake and puree, the whole ensemble was refreshingly sour.. in a good way.


Mango Parfait, Coconut Meringues & Seasonal Berries, 14AUD

This Mango Parfait was by far the favourite dessert plate on the table on that day. The parfait was sweet and sour but not as sour as the Orange Marmalade Cake that we had. It was cold and smooth textured, absolutely reinvigorating.


And these are my belles-dames, they are so lucky to have each other.


Christmas Pudding W Cherry Ice Cream & Brandy Anglaise, 14AUD

The Christmas Pudding was the least favourite out of everyone including me, but Jan on the other hand loved it. I think Christmas puddings have an acquired taste to begin with. It was heavily dense and quite strong with brandy. Squidgy, that too.


Dark Chocolate Mudcake, Vanilla Ice Cream, 14AUD

The Dark Chocolate Mudcake was not as dark as I would have liked. It had a cakey-like texture similar to a brownie. Not the best cake in the world but decent enough. Overall the dessert plating could be improved for the price that we are paying for. I mean, a non amateur can plate it like that too right?


And the lads and lasses


A view from the other side of the table, you can spot the jetty from here


The Baths restaurant sits on one of, if not, the best beach in the Mornington region. On a sunny day like this, the view was picture perfect.

The Baths
3278 Point Nepean Highway, Sorrento
Melbourne, Victoria 3943
Tel: +(61) 03 5984 1500

Mon to Sat: 11.30am-9pm
Sun: 11.30am-3pm

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