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My experience at Miss Marples Tearoom was great. Not over the top great, but great enough to make me want to come back. Its specialty is really about having simple scones and tea. Having heard mixed reviews regarding the food quality, I wasn’t skeptical on trying this place out because you know damn well how much I love scones and that was solely the reason why I have been wanting to come here in the first place. Everyone can have what they want, but I sure am getting my hands full on those scones!

The place was a reminiscent of the English culture of where British women of the past would gather in the mornings or evenings to have tea with something plain or sweet on the side. These days, the British still love their evening teas, but Miss Marples Tearooms vibe is more traditional. No expensive China sets, just cute little teacups and pots. C’est la vie, I wish I was born on that side of the world sometimes.


Nanny tablecloths and teapots screams Miss Marples. With the additional installation of Christmas decorations, the vibe was nothing but homely as we cozied up on the corner table.


Devonshire Scones, 9.50AUD 

Scones comes in all shapes and sizes, but usually their texture would be somewhat similar. These particular ones were taller and spongier in texture. Normal scones have that soft biscuit composition and densely built. However, these ones resemble more similarly to a sponge cake. Sounds undeserving? It pairs really well with the whipped cream and Miss Marple’s famous raspberry jam. Between traditional scones and scones like these, its hard to pick which I would have preferred because I love them all. Two scones cost 9.50AUD. Price is on the steeper side for these scones, but the amount of jam and cream they would provide you is more than sufficient. I suspect, we are paying more for the jams than the scones themselves. You can pick between plain, fruit scones, or one of each.


Teapot Of Taylors, 4AUD

There were the several usuals, but I opted for the Yorkshire Gold, a traditional brew and also Miss Marples’s house blend. It taste similar to an English Breakfast, but in a way different.


Pumpkin Soup “Hot & Hearty”, 11AUD

It was a cold summer day and a soup would light up the moods. Soups changes daily at Miss Marples and on that day it was the pumpkin on board. They gave us a side of lukewarm bread and butter to pair the soup with. The soup was creamy and full flavoured, while the extra touch of sour cream contains fat and acids that gave the soup a richer texture and flavour.


Because big boys can have teas too!


Champagne Ham, English Cheddar & Chutney Fingers, 13.50AUD

Normal bread with ham, topped with cheese, and baked thereafter. Tasted like overcooked pizza but it was actually pretty good. Although I totally understand why would I pay 13.50AUD if I could make exactly the same thing for less than a dollar, right? Maybe another dollar for effort and cost of baking. Other than that, I don’t actually mind paying for this because we were after all, paying (mostly) for the ambiance right?


Open Sandwich, 17AUD

I am not a big fan of pickles, olives and all that stuffs similar to that. Carrots served were served raw and the Asian in me needed it cooked. Hence, there were many flaws to this dish and all the ingredients just didn’t marry. There wasn’t even any dressings and the juice of lemon doesn’t count.


Quiche Lorraine (Egg & Bacon), 16.50AUD 

The quiche was lovely with great flakey crust and smooth egg fillings. It was at first albeit odd to have quiche with chips. Surprisingly, this kind of pairings I could do with, just not like the salad from before.


Chicken Cottage Pie, 15AUD

Miss Marples couldn’t be more British serving cottage pies on their menu. Smashed potato with cheese act as layers that cover air from seeping through the baked chicken within. It resulted in a more tenderised and moist chicken within. However, I thought they needed more flavour with the mashed potatoes because it was quite plain.


Beef Cottage Pie, 15AUD

Beef Cottage Pie over Chicken Cottage pie for sure.


We came pretty early so there were plenty of tables still up for grabs. However, I was told that queues can reach up to two to three hours long on peak days. Umm, crazy?


Miss Marples sells their famous jams and tea leaves at the premises as well. Their teas are pretty good. But if you’re looking for more variety, there is a tea store a minute walk away from Miss Marples and there they serve hundreds or perhaps a few thousand types of teas. The store is called Tea At Sassafras. Miss Marples Tearoom is the place to go for the perfect English scones. This place is well known more for their sweet items more than the savouries. I have not tried, but you should try their sundaes, its crazy gigantic. And after that, burn it off by trekking up the 1000 steps at Kokoda Memorial walk.

Miss Marples Tearoom
382 Mount Dandenong Tourist Road, Sassafras
Melbourne, Victoria 3787
Tel: +(61) 03 9755 1610

Mon to Fri: 11am-4pm
Sat to Sun: Closed

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