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I think we all just found the best Greek restaurant in town! Managed by real born Grecians, Koutouki Cafe has original and definitely authentic taste to every single dish on the table. The premises is owned and maintained by George and his mother. George is wacky and an amiable fellow, but you could tell he is absolutely serious when he gets down into the kitchen. It was a crowded night and as we sat down on our table, we were confused because there was only breakfast and lunch menu on the board of the restaurant, nothing that explicitly describes dinner. I remembered asking for the menu because there wasn’t any. George responded, “I am the menu!”. All eyes widened. 


After making an order and thinking about it, I observed all tables and noticed that most customers that came by were all loyal returning customers. Most of them seem to know what we don’t.


Flat Bread And Dips

Maybe we were just hungry, but maybe it was that good. We had these amazing pita paired with dips. You could even buy the uncooked packs here for personal cooking at home. Just put olive oil in a pan and pan fry it in medium heat, serve it with any dips of your choice. The three dips include Tzatziki, Garlic and one in pink that I can’t crack my mind on what it was. I loved the garlic most but regretted having too much of it because its aftertaste lingers in the mouth the whole night, and the next day included.


Greek Salad

Fresh with cucumbers, red peppers, onions, olives, feta and herbs.



Love the saltiness that impregnates the layer of Saganaki. This fried cheese we ate with pita bread and dips as well. After all what is cholesterol?


Lamb Giros

The Lamb Giros were by far one of the best I have had in Melbourne. Koutouki Cafe’s lamb souvlaki is now my favourite aside from my other souvlaki dealer from Lamb On Chapel. The lamb taste is a little bit gamey, but tempered down with the caramelization from the grilling.



The calamari cuts were quite thick. Its very lightly battered and hence the meat itself was extremely succulent.


Beef Rissoles

And the final dish on the table, also the star of the meal for the night, goes to the Beef Rissoles. The tomato sauce has an uncharted magical ingredient added onto it, which tasted incredibly amazing. Crumbled cold feta that melts in your mouth also makes the meat sauce combination all the more appetizing. We were all super impressed.


So, three girls and one guy finished everything. We all remodeled to a pregnancy state and never looked back. No regrets when food is this amazing. Seriously, give this place a try.

Koutouki Cafe
402 Burnley Street, Richmond
Melbourne, Victoria 3121
Tel: +(61) 03 9425 9488

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