Hwaro Korean BBQ 멜번화로구이

Bibim-bab Rice In Stone Bowl, 16AUD
Here’s a quick review of how dinner went like at Hwaro Korean BBQ 멜번화로구이. I ordered myself a bowl of Bibim-bab. The rice portion was little but everything on top was delicious. Yummo!

Ox Tongue Thick Cut, 16.90AUD

I didn’t dare to eat this one. How fearless do you have to be able to caress an ox tongue with yours? Seems like an easy and pleasurable task but I don’t have such courage. Everyone else on the table enjoyed it though. There was the option for a thin or thick cut for these pieces of muscular organs. We chose the thicker cut, but if this is what they consider thick, what is thin then?


Wagyu Scotch Fillet Beef, 28.90AUD
Can you see a pretty even marbling across the fillet of beef? That makes it oh so tender. And if you’re wondering what is that white ball doing over there? The fillet was served with one buttoned mushroom, don’t ask me why.

Gal-Bi Beef, 24.90AUD
Everyone enjoyed the Gal-Bi Beef so much. Perhaps, a favourite for all of us. Its essentially just beef ribs marinated with a special traditional sauce. Simple but man that was absolutely amazing, and I meant both the meat texture as well as the sauce.


Wagyu Fillet Steak Beef, 25.90AUD

Marinated with the same sauce as from before, these are thin scotch slices off the bone.


Bul-Go-Gi Beef, 21.90AUD

The Bul-Go-Gi Beef on the other hand was more difficult to cook. Form beef balls and make sure it stay put in chunks. If you play with the thongs too early, everything would fall off to the charcoal base. But don’t you worry, we didn’t actually cook anything. The waiters were the ones getting their hands dirty.

We had the meats wrapped up in lettuce because that is how a Korean would eat it. These were all the refillable side dishes and you can ask the waiters for unlimited rounds.


Tonight’s crime time with Audy and Odin


We had to take off our shoes to sit on a more private table. Tables have exhaust to eliminate steam and smell. But sadly, my hair still smelled like barbecue when we left, and it had to happen when I just washed them earlier in the day. Bummer.

Audy was feeling extremely generous as it was a glorious day for him and I won’t say why. But when life brings good news, share the happiness among your friends, right? So thank you for the treat brother! Will return the favour next time.

Hwaro Korean BBQ 멜번화로구이
562 Little Bourke Street, CBD
Melbourne, Victoria 3000
Tel: +(61) 03 9642 5696
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