Dead Man Espresso


The Wild Bircher, 13.50AUD

My not so mundane morning was spent having brunch at Dead Man Espresso with the usuals, because such.. is the epitome of a Melbournian life. I ordered The Wild Bircher that was premixed with quinoa. The result was an even more supple and softer bircher. They used coyo, a natural and light coconut milk yoghurt that won me over. Mangoes were the offspring of the summer blaze, and for some reason mangoes bought in the summer are always sweeter than it would than any other season. I was delighted to have some sweet slices of it on my bowl. And yes, blueberries are a staple to my ‘peachy’ palate too.


Potato & Kale Hash, 20.50AUD

One of the more savoury option, Jan had the potato hash cake, some kaiserfleisch slices, fried eggs and kale. Trust me, the kaiserfleisch were much better than normal bacons.


Eggs Any Way, 11.50AUD + Avocado, 5.50AUD

If you would like to stick to the old guns, Dead Man Espresso does amazing eggs on toast, especially the scrambled. Add an avocado for some good fats.


Dead Man Espresso is great place to chill in the summer, not too crowded, but you can expect good food on the table. They have unique items on the menu you won’t find elsewhere such as the Potato & Kale Hash, and there is even one called the Green Pancakes which I was tempted to order at the time. With the same old same old basics like the bircher and the eggs on toast, Dead Man Espresso was able to perfect them and they were all excellento!

I have not tried their coffee yet but I heard it was good. Perhaps that is why they reckon an espresso to wake a dead man. So get up and get going, its time for brunch and a cuppa.

Dead Man Espresso

35 Market Street, South Melbourne
Melbourne, Victoria 3205
Tel: +(61) 03 9686 2255

Mon to Fri: 7am-4pm
Sat to Sun: 8am-4pm

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