Back To School Outfit

Here’s a back to school outfit look for the gloomy summer. This past week had been nothing but hot and rainy, how sad is that? I applied for summer classes this year to get an excuse to stay back in Melbourne. I am finding every reason to stay in here because this is the place to be isn’t it? Contradictingly, my life has been nothing but boredom lately because of having to attend school while most my friends are either overseas or working. That’s what happens when your uni has more international than local students. Not to mention, Jan had to do errands overseas and he had to leave for the rest of summer. After all these years, LDR never gets easier. But, I’m trying to stay optimistic and this neon pink denim jacket sort of lifted my mood up. It gets me quite cheery inside whenever I am wearing it. Can you see I am all dark and moody (black) inside but I’m trying to shield myself with optimism (pink)? So, my tip when you’re in a moodless phase, pink it like a princess!
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