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EveLovelle had the courtesy to review products delivered from 2 Castles Bakery


Happy New Year everyone! Can’t believe its 2015 already. I am starting out my post with a new favourite bakery called 2 Castles Bakery. I managed to try a range of their signature breads, recipes  from various European countries such as France, Germany, Russia and so on. The other day I had an eventful coffee meet up with the owner, Michael Ruderman, also a bread connoisseur and master baker of 2 Castles Bakery. I will try to instill as much knowledge I have learnt from him, to you. The name of the bakery was named after two medieval castles in Weinheim, Germany, also the place where Michael studied in an International Baking Academy.

All 2 Castles Bakery’s breads are stone baked, and its stone plating ovens were imported from Europe. These stone plates are able to retain heat at high temperatures that enable breads to have a crustier exterior and while preserving inner moisture. Variations of breads are modified through access of diversified forms of rye flours, buckwheats, seeds and spices. They use up to a six stage fermentation process to prepare dough for up to 48 hours, the results is a lasting aroma and authentic taste among the breads and rolls.

One of the reasons why 2 Castles Bakery is a newly found favourite is that the stone cooking method is able to preserve freshness for longer periods of time without the use of preservatives. I could go to any supermarket stores for breads, but 2 Castles Bakery gives you quality assurance as they bake breads fresh daily and the baking process takes up to about 12 hours. And the best part of all? 2 Castles Bakery’s breads can be served to you at a specified pick up point or be delivered to your front porch. That means, fresh European breads at your doorstep without having to hunt for a bakery, or let alone, waste precious time to stock your supply!

I received my delivery twice on different days of the week. They have specific breads made for specific days. Check out 2 Castles Bakery website to see what breads are available on which days.


3 Grain Bread

The other day I dipped my 3 Grain Bread in Mexican chili bean soup. This German rye bread has tons of tiny seeds. The sourdough was fermented with three different cereals and it contains only 30% rye. I am not sure where the mild sweetness came from but it certainly was.


N.Y Style Bagels

Concrete jungle where bagels are made up, there’s nothing you can do, now you’re in New York!~ Bagels are one of my favourite bread types. Do you know that N.Y Style Bagels were created by bakers from Central Europe and the Russian Empire whom migrated to New York City decades ago. These particular ones were boiled before baked in the stone hot oven, achieving a crustier exterior and more chewy texture within. There were four different bagel types received. My favourite is the one with poppy seeds! There’s one bagel type that has chocolate chips infused in it, just a gentle hint of surprise.


I had mine with cream cheese and smoked salmon, and the next day with just nutella. However sweet or savoury, it was exceptional. Jan and I had them with coffee. So easy, our morning had been easily made.


Apple Rye Bread

The Apple Rye originated from Russia, but has been modified to suit the taste of Australians. Part of the reason is the different types of flour that was used during the making process. Importing Russian flour seem like a costly venture, but hey, Australian elemental ingredients are as good too. This bread was scalded with just a scant of rye. Apple purée and spices such as coriander, fennel and caraway seeds were infused to build the taste. The Apple Rye Bread suits pairing it with cheese, dried fruits and wine.


The second time round I received my bread was a day before Christmas. I was instantly elated when I saw my pack of Dekorbread wrapped in a Christmas wrapper. It was my first Christmas present this holiday season! Michael Ruderman (chef) is my secret santa this year!


Here’s a collective picture of my European (Russian, German & French) breads after uncovering all the wrappers.


Provence Bread

The unique looking provence bread had distinct mixed herbs taste. If you love chewy-like pretzels, this one is similar to it. I paired it again with my chili bean soup and it was oh-so-divine.


Bushwalker Treat

The Bushwalker is a Russian treat, a darker traditional scalded rye bread. The taste of it was enhanced by coriander, molasses and red malt. I had this with simple jams the other day. It is preferable to have such textured breads with lean protein such as chicken or turkey breast, maybe topped it up with slices of avocados and ditch that mayo.



The texture of the Dekorbread is thick yet slightly chewy. It makes a great pairing to have it with salads, soups, and even jams. This is to me the quiet bread that doesn’t have a strong voice, but a great complement to almost everything on the table. The Dekorbread looks extremely festive, a suitable basic quintessential to have in the house for sharing. It makes for a great party decorator as well.


This bread is special because it was designed and created by Michael Ruderman himself when he was training at Weinheim International Baking Academy in Germany. I loved its versatility for pairings and the design in itself.

By now you might think that this review is completely biased because I was sponsored and have so much great things to say about 2 Castles Bakery. Well, if you don’t know me well enough, I am bread-crazy or my other nickname would be bakery fanatic. I have mentioned this before, I could live without the existence of rice or pasta, but bread I could not live without. I love breads so much and was ecstatic to be working alongside Michael from 2 Castles Bakery to share his our passion with you. Overall, I felt that every bread has its own distinct character and I certainly enjoyed each and every one of it. Do support and make a delivery for your family. I reckon, the bagels are a must, and if I have to pick my next favourite it would be the French Provence bread.

As of now, 2 Castles Bakery operates as an online retailer and bake on a weekly schedule. You could place an order on their website a night before or up to two weeks in advance, and get it delivered to your home or office at a convenient time. Another option is to pick the freshly baked items at 2 Castles Bakery delivery point at Glen Huntly Road. And here’s the good news, 2 Castles Bakery offers free delivery as long as you are within 20km away from the bakery and total order cost for the day exceeds 30AUD (Here’s a trick: Share the news with your neighbour or friends to easily attain that amount). There are more types of breads than ones shown above on their website. Remember to check their website out here to check out the type of breads supplied daily.

I have always been interested in breads and I am so excited that they are offering different types of European breads made available in one store. To summarize, 2 Castles Bakery strongest point would be its method of cooking and its capability for a good delivery system. I am very positive that they will attend the flour market this year if the event is confirmed. I intend to come and I am looking forward to hopefully see you all there!

2 Castles Bakery

Michael (Master Baker): +(61) 419 161 914
Greg (Customer Manager): +(61) 401 932 045

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