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Today I am feeling preppy and happy. Not that I miss school at all, who would? I love the skirt I am wearing. It resembles the look of an aquatic paint, of flowers over marbled waters. I was unfortunate on this windy day that the skirt would flash me off giving me sudden panic attacks from time to time. But I remain thankful for the in-sewn safety shorts that comes with it. My knit here is my saver from unprepared chilly days. Its still cold sometimes these days, so remember to always play safe. This is a trusty old knit that I pair everything with, even when I am home in pajamas.

On a side note, Christmas is coming up. It would be my first time having Christmas in Melbourne this year. I have been having Michael Bublé play on repeat the past few days and its getting me all excited already. I would be spending more time out in the city just to soak in the vibe. Its a mindless but happiness guaranteed kind of activity to do this season. I hope you all are as thrilled as me planning out your Christmas day. Have a great week ahead!

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