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EveLovelle was invited to dine as guest at Sonley Stonegrill & Bar

Days ago, Jan and I got an opportunity to attend a launch party event at Sonley Stonegrill & Bar. With its unique concept of serving steaks on a stonegrill, it provides for cooking at very high temperatures, at as high as 400ºC. The stonegrill also ensures even cooking in the absence of butter or oil and sears the steak perfectly without burning. What you get from the method of cooking is a healthier and more nutritious meat. The stonegrill ensures all natural food flavour stays intact within the meat, preventing product shrinkage and carbonization that is usually achieved through conventional cooking methods.

Six tiered cupcakes from Merry Cupcakes


Don’t judge me I had five mini cupcakes..

The design of the premises takes on an earthy venture. I wished I could have taken more shots of the interior but it was way too crowded and I could not get a decent picture.

Beef Steak Crostini With Feta
We sampled various finger food canapés. To start, a tenderlicious steak on crusty bread with sweet caramelised onions and feta. Definitely a burst of multiple flavours done right.

Mushrooms Oven Baked, Garlic, Prosciutto
The mushrooms still retained its natural juices after being baked and the green garlic flavour was able to permeate through the gills of the mushrooms. Each whole bites was filled with delectable liquid juices.

Crab Croquette, Frisee, Tartar Sauce
The Crab Croquette was very crispy outside and extremely moist inside.

Tuna Crostini, Fennel, Tapenade
Raw tuna has never been my kind of thing. The taste of blood is very strong for this particular one.

Scallops On Mint Puree
Scallops are one of my favourite seafoods of all time. I secretly took one too many of them because it was a hit to my palate. The mint taste was quite mild and the puree was more sandy than smooth, giving it a crunchy texture.

Black Angus / Sher Wagyu

Sonley Stonegrill & Bar serves both Black Angus and Wagyu. The Black Angus cow was fed with cereal grains for 100 days and the cuts were aged for 21 days. All meats have at least a 1+ marble score, so you can ensure great quality steak standards. Have the Porterhouse at 28AUD or basic Eye Fillet at 36AUD.

Sher Wagyu are produced by the Sher family, one of Australia’s finest producer of beefs. The Sher Wagyu had been grain fed for more than 400 days, resulting in extremely impeccable marbling scores and they serve Porterhouse at grade M5 (50AUD), M8 (70AUD), and M9 (85AUD), and Eye Fillet at M5 (59AUD), and M8-M9 (79AUD). There is even marbling throughout the stretch of muscles. Don’t worry, these spread of marblings are considered as mono-unsaturated fats, a healthy fat that you need, which replaces unneeded saturated and trans fats.

Our chefs of the day grilling for all of us


Cook your steak to your desired doneness and place it on the side once its cooked.


We sampled various different cuts of beefs from Eye Fillet to Porterhouse of the different grades of Black Angus and Sher Wagyu. It paired well with the dipping sauce available. They have mustard, peppercorn and mushroom sauce.

Props to the DJs rocking the night away, Sevan for organizing the event, and also to the owners of Sonley Stonegrill & Bar for having us. I am satisfied with all the entrees and especially with the quality of beef that they serve. The best part? They’re a healthy steak option we’d say (and being able to grill your own steak is definitely fun).

Sonley Stonegrill & Bar
Shop 1, 20 Blackburn Road, Blackburn
Melbourne, Victoria 3130
Tel: +(61) 03 9894 4077
Mon: 6pm-11pm
Tue: Closed
Wed to Sun: 6pm-11pm

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