Pillar Of Salt

Pillar Of Salt has been on my wishlist for quite sometime. Ever since pictures of The Big Apple Loaf start flooding on my Instagram timeline, I knew its time to finally pay Pillar Of Salt a visit. The usuals and I had one final brunch here before Yan leaves Melbourne for the summer break.


Jimmy’s Indonesian Iced Coffee, 5AUD + Iced Coffee, 5AUD
It was a warm summer day and something cold was necessary. Jimmy’s Indonesian Iced Coffee is the good old medieval fashioned coffee, which includes a shot of espresso gently poured on top of condensed milk and topped with some ice. Comparing value of this commodity internationally can be a ridicule. I could probably order 7-8 cups of this back in Indonesia for 5 Australian dollars. But of course, currency comparison always hurts when you come from a developing country. So stop comparing or you might be tempted to strangle yourself.

The Iced Coffee was sweet by the added natural sugars in it, honey! It offers a different kind of sweet sensation and you will learn to like it with every sip you take.

New Orleans Pinto Bean Jambalaya With Twice Cooked Sticky Pork Belly, 21AUD
Pinto beans are a variation of the common bean that is mostly used to whip Mexican dishes, normally in Mexican salads or burritos. This pinto bean salsa drenches the pork belly and there is additional fluid yolk situation which enhanced the overall taste of the dish. My oh my, the cornbread was the best part, because it was topped with melted Monterey Jack cheese for goodness sake.

Mediterranean Wholegrain Salad, 15.50AUD
This was a total disappointment. Even though we asked for more and have dabbed more dressing on top, the beans stayed bland with lack of flavour. They claim to have lemon, harissa and yoghurt dressing, but we could barely taste it. The wholegrain beans get you filled up pretty fast. It was a mixture of du puy lentils, pomegranate, freekah, pearl cous cous, slivered almonds, pine nuts, sliced dried apricots and fresh herbs. 

Kimchi, Corn And Sweet Potato Fritters, 18.50AUD
Yan went for a unique option. The fritters had a zest of spice that comes from the kimchi. Above it were slices of pink grapefruit cured kingfish. No fishy taste, I tried it and it would be the kind of sashimi I would not mind having everyday. Not like we could taste the flavours of the grapefruit as the sour cream and sweet chilli sauce underneath overpowers the cured fish. But sure, the minute we saw ‘pink grapefruit’ cured kingfish, we’re immediately sold, because bizarre labels sell right?

The “Big Apple” Loaf, 14.50AUD
I have to have the sweetest thing on the menu because I was craving it that day. This “Big Apple” Loaf looks like a dish designed specially for Christmas. Especially during this holiday season, it makes sense just to order it. Its essentially an apple cake with caramelised apple bits within and more shredded apples on top, with buttermilk custard, strawberry slices and walnut crumbles surrounding the plate. They also used Woodfords Reserve bourbon infused maple syrup. After all of this, I was high on sugar, not bourbon. Bacons have proven that they do not have to be solitary to the savoury category, especially when they are candied.

Pillar Of Salt has a nice interior and backyard garden. The backyard is quite enclosed and it protects most of us from direct sun rays, perfect for heliophobics like me. What have you all been eating this Christmas season? Its time to cut down on the calories next year, I promise I will try.

Pillar Of Salt
541 Church Street, Richmond
Melbourne, Victoria 3121
Tel: +(61) 03 9421 1550
Mon to Sun: 7.30am-4.30pm
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