Maru Shih Japanese Cafe


It was one of those days where Jan and I wanted to eat out, somewhere close by, inexpensive, but quality deserving. We popped by Maru Shih Japanese Cafe because it was just a few blocks away from ours, a road down Toorak.


Sashimi (10pc), 12AUD

We started out with Salmon Sashimi. Not the best cut, and it was extremely thinly sliced. We expected it to be put on a pack of ice for a fresher flavour, but we didn’t get that.


Vegetable Croquette, 6.50AUD

On the other hand, we enjoyed the Vegetable Croquette. A tad bit on the thinner side, but it was still moist, gooey, and perfectly crisp on the outside.


Chicken Katsu Don, 10.50AUD

We shared both the Chicken Katsu Don cooked in omelette, onions and spring onions. All these blanketing the addictive warm Japanese rion top of rice.


Prawn Curry, 12AUD

We also shared curry with three shrimp tempura tanning on top of a bowl of scooped rice. It comes with miso soup on the side. The curry was thick and flavourful, but the downside was that the curry was by itself, no onions, potato or carrot bits in my Japanese kare. To me, all these basic ingredients are mandatory in a bowl of Japanese kare.


Maru Shih Japanese Cafe is built on three levels. We sat on the third level, all this space to ourselves. The bottom floor is more casual, and they sell Japanese confectioneries like Nestle’s Green Tea Kit Kats, Glico’s Pockys, and all sorts of Meiji chocolates. Man.. I used to have these sweets and sugars often and now all these childhood memories coming back. Time to put my laptop aside, I am going down to Woolies to have a pack of Hello Panda right now.

Maru Shih Japanese Cafe
49 Toorak Road, South Yarra
Melbourne, Victoria 3141
Tel: +(61) 03 9077 9108
Mon to Sat: 11am-4pm
Sun: Closed
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