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Hot Chocolate

Christmas is near so Jan dragged me to Lindt Cafe after a day of shopping because everyone is obliged to eat chocolates when the festive mood is up right? We got a do-it-yourself chocolate cup. Pour the melted chocolate syrup first before adding warm milk which had plenty of foam on top. This way we get to customise our own drink, sweeter or not so sweet? For me, the sweeter the better!


Lindt Dessert Platter

Jan and I shared the dessert platter which consist of a brownie, a pot of chocolate sauce, vanilla ice cream, three Lindor balls, Lindt Chocolate Cake, Chantilly Cream, one vanilla and one chocolate delice macarons.


Lindor Balls

There are tons of Lindor Ball flavours to pick from at the store and we got one flavour each to bring home. Having eaten Lindor Balls many times, my favourite is the white chocolate (light green in colour with flower patterns). There was another that I really liked which was not available, get the black if you love extra dark chocolate. Warming up snuggling in an air conditioned room having Lindor balls as I type this.

P.s. Here’s a shoutout to the Sydney Siege incident at Lindt Cafe which happened just yesterday. I could totally feel the change in atmosphere surrounding the city even in Melbourne. My heart and prayers go out to those whose family members have been affected. Lets pray for peace and strength in faith in this tragic period. And let us all show kindness and compassion, and break the walls of backlash against the Muslims especially on public transports. There is no need to feel afraid or ashamed to be wearing their religious attires. Every #illridewithyou hashtag counts in increasing awareness, voicing out that they still have our backs. Such positivity from the wider community can create support for the minorities and hopefully eliminate racism attacks.

Lindt Cafe

271 Collins Street, CBD
Melbourne, Victoria 3000
Tel: +(61) 03 9667 0900

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