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On a date with Jan again today and we went for brunch over at Hawthorn this time, a suburb that we were quite unfamiliar with. Liar Liar is one of the few popular cafe in Hawthorn. I am determined to visit most of the popular cafes in Hawthorn before I leave Melbourne. We shared both our orders and it was a good thing we did, or else diminishing returns for avo or tomato would set in at some point.


I love how Australian cafes always take the effort to purchase fresh flowers from markets. Back in Asia, we only have dusted faux flowers, yeap, the truth.


Smashed Avocado, 17AUD

This doesn’t look huge but there was definitely plenty of avocados on top of the toast. I love the creamy texture after the avocados have been mixed with feta. Jan and I were easily blown away with the maple glazed bacon. The dukkah drizzles gave the whole dish more flavour and an extra crunch. I did notice most people in the cafe ordered the Smashed Avocado, and you gotta trust them and I, Liar Liar’s Smashed Avocado is one of the better versions that I have ever tried.


The cafe is small and there’s not too much space to accommodate a large group of people. I would think only a maximum of 30 could grab seats at each point of time. And because of that, our food came pretty quickly, service was brilliant as well.


Pants On Fire, 17AUD

If my pants were to be on fire, it would look like that would it? This was one of those times where we ate baked eggs right from a plate, not a pot. We were given four flat breads, and that would be too much for a brunch portion for one, again, we made the smart move to share. The baked eggs were cooked with sliced chorizo in a peperonata napoli. What I love most was its cheesy texture, each chunky spoonful was to die for.


It was a satisfying meal we had and we were both sluggish from having too much gluten right after, but man, it was worth it. Even though Liar Liar sounds like it would deceive you, the taste of the food speaks the truth.

Liar Liar
90 Kinkora Road, Hawthorn
Melbourne, Victoria 3122
Tel: +(61) 03 9818 8864
Mon to Fri: 7am-5pm
Sat to Sun: 8am-5pm

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