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My girlfriend and I had eyed on Chuckle Park & Bar ever since we chanced upon it last year while strolling through aisle to aisles along Flinders. It was either raining, too cold or too crowded the past few times we intended to come. This time, we were lucky. It was a refreshing change, my first experience in a laneway bar. Those jars hanging from across both sides of the walls would light up at night and a romantic ambience would be easily achieved without having to try to hard. It was such a pity we did not come by during the late nights, but it was 7pm and it was dinner time. Since its the summer time, waiting till dark would mean that we could only eat after half past eight. But beware, Nothing gets in the way of hungry (secretly angsty) girls.


Spanish Lentil Salad, 9AUD

The lentils were coated with oil generously, maybe a bit too much. Compared to fresh lentils, this very version was paprika smoked. Never in a million years would I have thought that lentils would pair so well with cheese, but it did. It was really nice the first few bites but I have to admit, this gets a little icky after a while.


Mother Mary stands above the counter, of the… bar. Amen?


Pulled Pork Roll, 11AUD

The pulled pork was slow cooked with a little hint of spice in there. The apple cabbage slaw was quite bitter. I have never liked purple cabbages and this one had too much of it. Take most of it out and I enjoyed the burger to my very last bite and we wished we could have more.


Bar food is very reasonably priced here. When the weather is perfect, Chuckle Park & Bar would be a great hangout place, whether to share snacks, or just to hang and have a drink, maybe a couple.

Chuckle Park & Bar
322 Little Collins Street, CBD
Melbourne, Victoria 3141
Tel: +(61) 03 9650 4494
Mon to Sun: 12pm-1am
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