Christmas Feast 2014

Merry Christmas everyone! This year is my first time hosting and preparing dishes for a Christmas party. Jan and I bought the main ingredients a few days before Christmas, and we realised the closer to Christmas, the cheaper all Christmas deals will be, lesson learnt! After our morning mass session in the city, we picked Rachel up for a quick lunch before preparing our Christmas feast. This year its just the five of us, sadly, most of our friends either are spending time with their families or are overseas. Its fine, that doesn’t stop us from having a fabulous time.
This would be a great Christmas card picture don’t you think?
So.. while Jan is busy with his new Christmas gift, the PS4.., Rachel and I prepared food on the table. Everything was relatively easy to make and preparation was a breeze, the hardest part was the waiting game. I tell ya, roasting takes a great amount of patience. I am not one to write recipes, but here’s a summary of what we ate, ingredients written. We did not follow particular recipes, but everything that was made from scratch was mostly whipped up based on.. yes, feeling. We purchased almost all ingredients from Woolworths, our best bet. P.s, picture of the Roasted Turducken below!
Greek Salad With Watermelon, Feta & Basil

This bread I received from 2 Castles Bakery and it was wrapped with a Christmas wrapper. I’ll be blogging about 2 Castles Bakery soon, so stay tuned.
Apple Plum Salad, Mixed Leaves And Red Onions

Buttered Roasted Potatoes Flavoured With Smashed Garlic And Rosemary

Honey Baked Leg Ham With Orange Jus, Roasted Peppers And Dutch Carrots


The leg ham was first boiled before roasting it in the oven. Look at that colour, my my, it was perfect. We dipped every bite with our special recipe, the honeyed orange jus.

Woolworth’s Mince Pies

Chandon Brut Rosé + Somerton Cabernet Sauvignon

Woolworth’s Roasted Turducken With Stuffing And Pistachios
Turducken is Turkey slash duck slash chicken.

Woolworth’s Christmas Pudding + Woolworth’s Rum And Raisin Ice Cream

IMG_6692 2

I am so incredibly happy that we managed to pull this dishes out. Everything was delicious.

And that’s all folks, Merry Christmas and see you all next year!

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