Korean Quesadilla (Spicy Pork)

Chimac is a Korean slash Mexican slash Western fusion restaurant located in West Melbourne. Other than the Korean Quesadilla we ordered, we wanted to order various taco flavours as well, but there weren’t enough stomachs to share the ordeal. Maybe next time. Not just Spicy Pork, the Korean Quesadilla has two other options, the Bulgogi or the Kimchi. There was sufficient cheese that lubricates the pork and it oozes out from every bite I took. The corn tortilla was very crisp, and cooked just right, achieving that crepe-like texture. This dish is highly recommended not just by me and my partners in crime, but also by many other Instagram users who had visited the restaurant.


Kimchi Fries

I could imagine that this would be so amazing if you are trying it for the first time. However, I have tried several Kimchi Fries before at various places and I would suggest you try the one at Chick-In, my absolute favourite. Chick In’s Kimchi Fries would be slightly more deep fried. It also has fries, plentiful of sour cream, more cheese (parmesan), more kimchi.


Chimac Chicken (Ultra Spicy + Wonder Soy)

We ordered a whole chicken with flavours of half in half. The Ultra Spicy had more satisfying punch of flavour, and trust me, its not that spicy. The Wonder Soy barely had any soy flavour or perhaps they forgot to add soy on it? We couldn’t tell.


Chimac opens only during dinner time. Everyone across our tables seems to be having just chicken and a good jug of beer. My personal verdict for Chimac is that it would be worthy to come here if you want a good Korean fusion like the Korean Quesadilla, maybe the tacos as well. If you’re up for classic good fried chicken, opt for Chick-In or Gami Chicken. And if you want the best Kimchi Fries in town, unquestionably, hands down it’ll be Chick-In.

Shop 1 39-47 Peel Street, West Melbourne
Melbourne, Victoria 3003
Tel: +(61) 03 9939 5916
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